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Articles from the August 2019 Issue

Whatever Happened to Center Loudspeaker Clusters?

David Kennedy •
  • August 2019
  • Tech Feature
• August 11, 2019
Once upon a time, manufacturers such as Altec and JBL — along with organizations like SynAudCon — emphasized the proper design/engineering of center loudspeaker clusters, especially for speech P.A. system installations. They explained how the choice of a center cluster versus a left/right system could be thought of as a left vs. right brain hemisphere […] Read More...


Kevin M. Mitchell •
  • August 2019
  • Company 411
• August 11, 2019
Not Your Typical Speakers Rusty Waite has been in the pro audio business all his life. He was part of the core leadership team at EAW and in charge of its global revenue. But he has a new passion, K-array; and a new message: Production houses, take a good look. Waite’s immediate challenge is educating […] Read More...

Meyer Sound ULTRA-X40 Powered Loudspeaker Review

George Petersen •
  • August 2019
  • Road Tests
• August 11, 2019
These days, when a new speaker design coming to market grabs a lot of attention, it’s most likely a large-format line array, but when that product is a dual-8” point-source box, then there’s something special going on. And as it turns out, that seems to be the case with Meyer Sound’s new ULTRA-X40, which was […] Read More...

Don’t Let Your Reverb Get Washed Up

Steve LaCerra •
  • August 2019
  • On the Digital Edge
• August 11, 2019
Last month, we investigated reverb parameters called diffusion and density. The audibility of making changes to these parameters can be greatly influenced by another parameter called damping, which you’ll find in a large percentage of software and hardware reverbs. ‡‡         Why Is It So Damp Outside? When sound travels through the air, the high frequencies […] Read More...

Streaming the Show

Dan Daley •
  • August 2019
  • The Biz
• August 11, 2019
Is Some Version of Spotify Coming to Live Music? If you’re a music fan (of course you are), you’re likely getting most if not all of your prerecorded music via a streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music. Music has already gone streaming, and now the most widely consumed of live events — sports — […] Read More...

Choosing the Right Console for Your Church

John McJunkin •
  • August 2019
  • Sound Sanctuary
• August 11, 2019
Your console is on the short list of gear that’s essential to your mission. As the control center for your audio, it’s important to make a smart decision when it comes time to acquire or replace one. Here are some questions to help narrow your search. ‡‡         What’s Your Budget? Up front, your budget is […] Read More...

Audio Fails, and Other Sonic Disasters

Baker Lee •
  • August 2019
  • FOH at Large
• August 11, 2019
My biggest takeaway from the first Democratic presidential debate had nothing to do with the issues or personalities being presented to the general public via live television. Despite my great need for a conveyance of intelligible and practical ideas, I lost focus somewhere near the beginning of the second hour when the audio became problematic. […] Read More...
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