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OBC/Barcelona Symphony Orchestra

FOH Staff • August 2019Showtime • August 10, 2019

Sound Co

Twincam BCN


Barceloneta Beach

Location: Barcelona, Spain


FOH Engineer: Iker Olabe

Monitor Engineer: Twincam

Systems Engineer: Juan Cid

Production Manager: Josep Sanchez Rico

Tour Manager: Jose Sanchas

P.A. Tech: Juan Cid


FOH Console: DiGiCo SD5

Outboard: DiGiCo plug-ins, (2) Lexicon 960

Main Speakers: (16) L-Acoustics K1, (4) Kara

Subwoofers: (8) L-Acoustics K1SUB

Drive Processor: (2) Lake LM-44

Amplifiers: (12) L-Acoustics LA12X

Rigging: CM Lodestar

Monitor Console: Yamaha PM7, (2) Rio 3216

Wired Mics: (64 total) DPA, Schoeps, AKG, Neumann

Event Details:

Approximately 15,000 people attended this open-air concert at Barcelona Spain’s famous Barcelonetta Beach, featuring the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra with conductor Michal Nesterowicz.

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