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The Royal Affair Tour

FOH Staff • August 2019Showtime • August 10, 2019

The tour featured Yes, Asia, John Lodge and Carl Palmer

Sound Co

Audio Images


Various (Tour)


FOH Engineer: Dean Mattson

Monitor Engineer: Simone Angelini

Systems Engineer: Guy Nichols

Production Manager: Dean Mattson

Tour Manager: Joe Comeau


FOH Console: DiGiCo SD10

Outboard: Waves Gold, TC VSS3

Main Speakers: RCF TT33+

Amplifiers: RCF

Drive Processing: RDNet, Lake LM44

Power Distro: Whirlwind Custom

Monitor Speakers: Clair 12AM

Amps: Lab.gruppen

IEMs: (10) Shure PSM1000

Wired Mics: Telefunken, Shure

Tour Details:

The North American “Royal Affair Tour” kicked off on June 12 in Bethlehem, PA and wrapped on July 28 in Saratoga, CA. It featured Yes; original Asia guitarist Steve Howe playing with the band’s new line-up; John Lodge playing Moody Blues classics; and Carl Palmer doing ELP songs with vocals by British singer Arthur Brown.



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