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Point Source Audio Expands With German Pro Audio Specialist, Mega Audio

FOH Staff • On the Move • March 3, 2020

James Lamb and Yvonne Ho from Point Source Audio with Burkhard Elsner, CEO at Mega Audio..

WALDLAUBERSHEIM, Germany – Point Source Audio has expanded its reach into the European market thanks to a new relationship with Mega Audio. The agreement sees Mega Audio take on the exclusive distribution of Point Source Audio’s products for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Pictured here, from left, are James Lamb, president of Point Source Audio; Yvonne Ho, vice president of sales and marketing, Point Source Audio; and Burkhard Elsner, CEO at Mega Audio.

More details from Point Source Audio (

The distributor had been looking to add a miniature microphone brand to its portfolio having previously experienced success with this type of product and was keen to find a company that had the potential to grow substantially. “I had heard of Point Source Audio as one of the top miniature microphone manufacturers in the USA and one of the major US brands in the theatre market,” says Burkhard Elsner, CEO at Mega Audio. “When we took a closer look at their product range, we found them to be very interesting and exciting. I am very happy and proud to be able to offer this brand and its fine products as our new distribution line, it means we can now offer some new and unique products to the market.”

It is the technology on offer in this broad portfolio that Elsner believes his customers will find compelling. “We believe that Point Source Audio miniature microphones will fit well into multiple markets, such as theatre, live sound and broadcast,” he explains. “In particular the unique and patented designs featuring dual capsule design of the CO2 Confidence Collection or the EMBRACE series with its on-ear design will fill a gap in the market where nobody else in Europe has produced a solution before.”

While the world-class technology is a major selling point, Elsner knows it will take more than just this to help establish the brand in Germany, and the whole Mega Audio team is ready for the challenge. “We know what it takes to build a brand,” he states. “We will invest time and knowhow, and take the products to their potential users, who we know very well. Our special expertise will be a great catalyst for this process.”

“We are delighted to partner with Mega Audio for Germany, they will be a wonderful addition to our extended family of distributors,” adds Yvonne Ho, vice president of sales and marketing at Point Source Audio. “When we choose to partner with a new company it is not simply about the potential business they could bring in, but the way they approach the market with the solutions we offer. With Mega Audio, we believe we have found a partner that has the right cultural fit for us and will deliver the levels of service our customers expect from us.”

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