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Shock Lounge Bar Opens in Bilbao, Spain with RCF TT Series Speakers

FOH Staff • International News • September 15, 2021

BILBAO, Spain – Shock Bilbao Club opened its doors in Feb. 2021 in downtown Bilbao, welcoming visitors with a striking visual design and music heard via RCF TT+ Series speakers. Sonort Audiovisual provided the speaker systems for the dance floor, bar zone and restaurant areas.

More details from RCF (

Everything seems retro-futuristic in Luis Ángel Rodríguez’s latest business adventure. It resembles a walk between old and modern psychedelic worlds which Stanley Kubrick would approve. Shock Bilbao Club opens its doors in February 2021 in downtown Bilbao, enchanting the eyes with shades of bubblegum pink, fluorine blue, and hues of purple. If the coronavirus has forced nightclub owners to reinvent themselves with new leisure proposals, Rodríguez, who was already the founder of MoMa Bilbao Club, marks a before and after to the pandemic. Shock Bilbao is a place for all audiences and ages, open from the morning until late midnight to enjoy food, drinks, and especially good music through RCF TT+ Series speakers.

In the early hours you can take a coffee with a typical “pintxo“ and from midday to late evening you can enjoy a gourmet hamburger with some nachos or a salad while you are watching soccer on an 8m wide multiple led screen. In the nighttime, a DJ entertains the crowd that will dance under a 25m ceiling of pixel running shocking lighting designs.

Since the first conversation with Sonort Audiovisual, supplier company of all the systems, Luis Angel Rodriguez asked for the best sound quality for his club. Ricardo Carus, founding partner of Sonort Audiovisual explains the design process. “Looking for clarity, uniformity, and sweetness, the only choice for us was RCF TT+ Series. We choose 4 units of TT 10-A for the dance floor combined with an HDL 12-AS subwoofer giving more power and range to the zone. For the bar zone and the restaurant area, we installed 4 units of and 2 units of TT 052-A combined with a second HDL12-AS sub getting total coherence and equal timbral in the whole space.”

Carus continues, “For the processing and management of all the speaker systems the MZ8060 was the perfect tool, using two independent outputs for the subs and the other four for the different zones we aligned the system in the correct way. RDNet management software, connected via a CONTROL 8 RDNet master unit, was also used for individual speaker configuration. TS-9918 remote control allows the crew to control different volumes during the day or giving the power to the DJ at night just with the push of one button.” After few months of activity and all the feedbacks from customers, the crew and the owner could not be happier and Carus confirms that “RCF systems are always the best choice when you search for a shocking sound performance!”


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