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DAS Audio Brings Clarity to Emmaus Church Services

FOH Staff • News • May 22, 2019

Emmaus Church in Redlands, CA

REDLANDS, CA – Props AV of Beaumont, CA designed and deployed a DAS Audio Artec 300 speaker system for Emmaus Church in Redlands, CA. Props AV GM Michael Betancourt, a member of the church, provided DAS Artec 320 line array elements with Artec 322S subs and two Artec 306 passive point source enclosures.

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The DAS Artec 320 line array elements and Artec 322S subs are painted white

Emmaus Church is a Christian house of worship with a contemporary approach to engaging their congregation. In addition to spoken dialog, music assumes an integral role in their services. To ensure clarity and natural sound reproduction, church management recently upgraded its sound reinforcement system — with a setup drawn from DAS Audio’s popular Artec Series.

Props AV, LLC of Beaumont, CA, an AV design / build firm that also has a live events production division, was contracted to design and deploy the church’s new sound system. Michael Betancourt, the company’s general manager and member of Emmaus Church, deployed a system consisting of DAS Artec 320 installation line array elements and Artec 322S subwoofers, along with two Artec 306 passive point source enclosures. All loudspeakers are painted white to seamlessly blend in with the sanctuary’s aesthetics.

“For this audio system upgrade,” Betancourt explained, “we elected to fly a center mono cluster of six Artec 320 loudspeakers over the altar / stage area. These enclosures are supported by three Artec 322S subwoofers flown directly behind the Artec 320s with the middle sub in a cardioid position to reduce the low-end sound pressure at the altar. Additionally, the sanctuary has a ‘wing’ area off to the left as you face the stage. To ensure coverage here, we placed two Artec 306 speakers. For amplification, a single DAS DX-80i 4-channel amp drives the center cluster and subs with a DAS IA-402 stereo amp powering the two Artec 306s.”

Asked about attributes that made DAS Audio gear ideal choice for this installation, Betancourt noted, “First and foremost was the Artec Series’ excellent sound quality for both music reproduction and speech intelligibility. Secondly, the dispersion characteristics of these loudspeakers made for a nice directional sound — eliminating the need for any sound treatments to reduce echo. Further, the enclosures’ compact size made for a clean installation that doesn’t distract while flying the subs kept the altar area clear of any obstructions or overpowering the first few rows with low-end.”

The new sound system at Emmaus Church had its “premiere” performance on Good Friday. Since that time, Betancourt reports the system is exceeding all expectations. “The new DAS system’s performance is so much better than before. It’s an unbelievable difference. Lead pastor Forrest Short agrees, “I can say with confidence the new sound system has helped us become more effective in our mission. It delivers a clarity and focus to our worship gatherings in a way that has been broadly experienced by our congregation. I am happy to say it has met and exceeded my hopes.”

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