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dLive Mixes Erste Group Anniversary Celebrations in Vienna

FOH Staff • International News • December 5, 2019

Erste Group event at Wiener Stadthalle venue

VIENNA, Austria – An Allen & Heath dLive mixing system recently provided audio support for the 200th anniversary of one of the leading financial institutions in Europe, Erste Bank.

More details from Allen & Heath (

dLive at FOH for Erste Group 200th Anniversary Event

Held at the Wiener Stadthalle, the momentous event saw more than 12,000 in attendance and with nearly 80 musicians performing, including an orchestra, big band and choir, the event presented several challenges, requiring several mixing consoles with the ability to handle over 120 inputs and 44 monitor outputs to both wedges and IEMs. Additionally, an extensive Dante network was used for shared access to wedges and wireless systems, track playback via DAW and connections to the main PA.

Supplied by live production company, Habegger Austria, FOH comprised a dLive S5000 surface equipped with a Dante card for stem playback and PA feeds, and a DM32 MixRack fitted with a gigaACE card for the digital split to the monitor system. An IP8 remote controller was used for controlling FX returns and channel mixes for video voiceovers.

dLive on Mons for Erste Group Event

Operated by Felix Zwerger, monitors featured a dLive S7000 surface, IP8 remote controller and a DM48 MixRack, fitted with a gigaACE card for TieLine connections to the DM32 at FOH. Two DX168 expanders and a DX32 expander were also used to add extra physical I/O onstage. Both MixRacks were fitted with Dante cards for monitor and wedge sharing and access to Shure wireless devices.

Richard Redl, Head of Audio at Habegger Austria and FOH engineer comments, “I was one of the first dLive users in Austria and I’m still in love with this console. The show needed a high amount of I/O and required quite a complex setup, however, dLive handled it perfectly and despite pushing it to the max, it kept up with all our demands.”

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