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  • No Yellow Card For World Cup Audio

    FOH Staff | News | June 20, 2006
    NORTHRIDGE, CALIFORNIA-- The 18th FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Assocation) World Cup got underway at the 66,000-seat Allianz Arena Stadium in Munich, Germany with a colorful, imaginative opening ceremony. Sirius Showequipment, with supporting equipment and crew from regional VerTec system owner Crystal Sound, was required to pre-stage the entire portable sound system, and craft a logistics and technical plan that would move the entire sound reinforcement system onto and away from the arena field while preserving critical competition playing greens. Read More...
  • No Line Is On Island

    FOH Staff | News | June 19, 2006
    OLD LYME, CT--Pink Floyd front man David Gilmour recently celebrated his sixtieth birthday with a number one solo album, On An Island, and a tour of Europe and the United States. Both legs of the tour utilized Turbosound Aspect modular point source loudspeaker systems, which were supplied by Britannia Row for the European leg, and Rat Sound for the U.S. shows. Read More...
  • New Mic Ships Gold

    FOH Staff | News | June 15, 2006
    SHAWNEE MISSION, KS--Avlex Corporation has started shipping its new Superlux S241/U3, a true capacitor cardioid condenser microphone with a half-inch gold-evaporated 3 micron diaphragm, the S241 features a 0dB, -10dB and -20dB three position attenuation switch and a flat, 75Hz and 150Hz three position low-cut filter switch. Read More...
  • Monstrous Array Used In Rock Concert

    FOH Staff | News | June 15, 2006
    MILTON KEYNES, UK-- SSE Audio Group rocked more than 60,000 heavy metal and rock fans at the National Bowl in Milton Keynes, reinforcing legendary performers such as Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Queensryche, Journey, Thunder and Ted Nugent with 85 boxes in a NEXO GEO T line array system at the Monsters of Rock festival. Read More...
  • UNICEF Parties For Charity At The Hague

    FOH Staff | News | June 14, 2006
    THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS--At the star-studded UNICEF gala in The Hague on March 25, AVEQ Rental & Sales supplied the equipment and expertise for the entire production using systems from Electro-Voice. Celebrities from the cultural, sporting and political worlds thronged the atrium of the town hall to have a good time and donate money to a worthy cause. UNICEF made a net profit of 143,500 euros -- money that will be used for charitable purposes. Read More...
  • Low Power Gets High Results for Immanuel Baptist Church

    FOH Staff | News | June 14, 2006
    CHESTER, PA--As part of an extensive renovation project, the sanctuary at Immanuel Baptist Church in Baltimore, Md., features a new sound reinforcement system driven by Inter-M L Series power amplifiers. Read More...
  • Line Array Shreds At Guitar Festival

    FOH Staff | News | June 14, 2006
    DALLAS, TX--Peavey debuted its new Versarray line array at the International Dallas Guitar Festival, held April 20-23 at Dallas Market Hall. An esteemed artist lineup of Gary Hoey, Jerry Donahue and other legends played for the Versarray system's maiden performance on the indoor Peavey Stage. Read More...
  • Purifying Power Under Any Condition

    FOH Staff | News | June 14, 2006
    ORLANDO, FL--New at InfoComm was Furman Sound's AR-20 II, a 20-amp voltage regulator that filters and purifies AC power, assuring that electronic equipment performs at optimum levels while also providing full protection from spikes and surges with Furman's exclusive SMP+ technology. Read More...
  • Big Changes In Harman Pro Senior Management

    FOH Staff | News | June 14, 2006NORTHRIDGE, CA -- The Harman Pro Group will be undergoing changes to its senior management team that will become effective at the conclusion of the Group's current fiscal year on June 30, 2006. Read More...
  • Singing A Mic's Praises At Jazz Fest

    FOH Staff | News | June 13, 2006
    WILSONVILLE, OR--Audix's new MicroBoom MB1245 was a part of the recent Jazz Fest in New Orleans, LA--one of the city's first post-Katrina events--on April 28-30 and May 5-7. Read More...
  • Fender and Furman Form Wholesale Division

    FOH Staff | News | June 5, 2006PETALUMA, CA--Furman Sound announced a partnership with Fender Musical Instruments Corp, through which FMI will serve as a distributor of Furman Sound's AC power conditioning products. Formerly known as Fender Strings, Parts, and Accessories, the newly created FMI Wholesale Division has more than 10 years in sales and distribution of Fender-branded products to the music business. Read More...
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs Storm England

    FOH Staff | News | June 5, 2006
    LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND--Cult New York rockers, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, recently played a whirlwind UK tour. The three back-to-back dates at the Glasgow Barrowlands then the Manchester and Birmingham Academies were reinforced with a Nexo Alpha system – seven M3 tops and four S2 subs a side, all powered by Camco amps, with equipment and personnel supplied by the Adlib Group. Read More...
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