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In the June 2019 Issue of FOH

FOH Staff • June 2019 • June 10, 2019

30 New Gear: InfoComm 2019 Preview — A sneak peek at some hot technologies making their debut at this month’s show in Orlando.

40 Production Profile: Mixing Muse — Photojournalist Steve Jennings checks out the band’s Simulation Theory world tour and chats with FOH mixer Marc Carolan and the entire audio crew.

44 Event Profile: The NFL Draft — LD Systems supports this mega-event for 600,000 people in downtown Nashville

48 Installations: Penn’s Peak — FRONT of HOUSE looks into the new CODA Audio rig at this historic 1,800 capacity mountaintop venue.

50 Installations: The Royal Albert Hall — The audio makeover at one of the world’s most revered venues was a two-year job that required more than 450 d&b audiotechnik speakers.

52 Theater Sound: Ain’t Too Proud — Bryan Reesman chats with sound designer Steve Canyon Kennedy about creating the audio for Broadway’s new hit musical spotlighting the music of The Temptations.

56 Company 411: Inside Klang  — Our own Suzi Spangenberg visits the leader in 3D in-ear technologies.

58 Regional Slants: Carlson Sound — Kevin Mitchell visits with this successful Seattle-based sound company on the cusp of its 30th anniversary.

60 Buyers Guide: Stage Monitors — IEMs may be popular, but stage monitors are an essential part of nearly any sound rig. We present powerful, low-profile offerings from nearly three dozen manufacturers.

64 Tech Feature: Cardioid Subs, Part 2 — David Kennedy continues his exploration into the technology of directional low-frequency systems with practical advice and input from some industry experts.

68 Road Test: Powersoft T-Series — Steve Savanyu checks out these compact amplifiers, which offer up to 6,000 watts in a single rackspace.

69 Road Test: Royer dBooster — Ribbon mics are perfect in certain live sound applications, but their low output can be a drawback. We look into this affordable solution.

70 On a Personal Note: The Systems Engineer, Part 2 — David Morgan speaks out about how a great crew can really make a difference.

71 On the Digital Edge: Understanding Reverb — Steve La Cerra explores RT60 and some of the parameters in creating or dealing with acoustical or artificial reverberation.

72 The Biz: Safe Spaces — Dan Daley reflects on a growing number of promoters who are addressing the needs of agoraphobic patrons who may su er panic or anxiety attacks.

73 Sound Sanctuary: IEMs, Monitors or… John McJunkin discusses the decision of whether a move into all-IEMs or sticking with wedges (or combining both) is right for your church.

76 FOH at Large: Zen and the Art of Audio — Baker Lee contemplates the cosmos, seeking answers regarding true audio enlightenment.

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