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Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Terry Lowe • June 2019Publishers Note • June 18, 2019

FOH publisher Terry Lowe

You know, I really must apologize…

Did you know we are closing in on 20 years of continuous publishing? (I’m not apologizing for that.) Through the years, we have done a great job in keeping you informed of the latest advancements in technology. We deep-dive every month to let you know how the people and companies in the field use this technology. However, one thing we haven’t done our best at is helping you find your next opportunity.

Well, those days are over. I am very pleased to announce the creation of, brought to you by PLSN, FOH and Stage Directions magazines. Right now on the site, you’ll find hundreds of great full-time positions available throughout the country, each needing the skill sets that you have.

For employers, there has never been a pool of more-qualified potential candidates than the readers of our magazines. Our readers are the thought-leaders of the industry. They are the ones who want to stay on top of our ever-changing, dynamic field. Our subscribers want to grow their skill sets. That is why they read us month-in and month-out. And guess what? They are looking for new opportunities!

According to our recent 2019 Entertainment Technology Jobs and Salary Survey, 46 percent of our current full-time employed subscribers stated they were looking for their next opportunity, while 72 percent of our independent contractors stated that if the right opportunity came along, they would seek full-time employment.

Between our three magazines, we have in excess of 60,000 subscribers, and with our pass-along readership, we have over 180,000 individuals who see our magazines on a monthly basis. Where better to place your recruiting ads? Now, with our new site, you won’t find a more valuable place to target the best-qualified candidates for your position.

Speaking of our Entertainment Technology Jobs and Salary Survey, we are busy compiling and analyzing the results, and you will get a complete rundown of what employers and employees had to say about their future employment opportunities in our July issues. It is also telling us about the overall health of the industry.

Communicating is our business, and what better information to share with to our readers than opportunities to make their life better? We’re very excited about this new chapter in expanding the ways our publications can help you. Whether you are an employer or a job candidate, we look forward to helping you achieve the best results for your company’s hiring needs, or for your own career.

So, what are you waiting for? Go check out the positions available at Your future awaits!

For more info, visit


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