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Prase Media Technologies Partners with Renkus-Heinz as Distributor for Italy

FOH Staff • On the Move • April 8, 2021

FOOTHILL RANCH, CA – Renkus-Heinz is partnering with Italian AV distributor Prase Media Technologies to bring its loudspeaker solutions to the Italian market.

More details from Renkus-Heinz (

This partnership results in Renkus-Heinz solutions being made available to more designers, integrators, and end-users – allowing sound to be put precisely where you want it most: on the audience.

“The mission at Renkus-Heinz is to make every location sound better,” said Michal Poplawski, European Technical Sales Manager at Renkus-Heinz. “That requires more than just having product available in a certain area. You need to have a partnership in place with a team that is passionate, knowledgeable, and excited about the solutions you create. We are fortunate to have those qualities in our partnership with Prase Media Technologies.”

Prase Media Technologies, headquartered in Venice, has decades of experience as a distributor focused on AV integration for theatres, conference rooms, retail stores, museums, hospitality, cruise lines, railway stations, and the broader entertainment industry. The Prase team works to bring a modular and custom-made approach to every project it is a part of.

Renkus-Heinz has provided loudspeakers for more than 40 years, and for almost two decades has worked to perfect digital beam steering technology. These steerable solutions allow for audio to be positioned with precision in any application – keeping the focus off architectural peculiarities or reverberant surfaces, and instead putting it precisely where you want it: on the audience. With supporting tools – from robust software suites to elegant Android and iOS applications – the integrator and end-user are put in total control of their loudspeaker systems.

“The markets that Renkus-Heinz serves with quality sound aligns perfectly with our customer base,” said Ennio Prase, Managing Director at Prase Media Technologies. “We are incredibly excited to offer premium solutions backed by the exciting innovation synonymous with Renkus-Heinz.”

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