Outline Names Grupo Morfo New Distributor for Mexico

FOH Staff • On the Move • September 23, 2019

Antonio Maceda, founder and director of Grupo Morfo

MEXICO CITY — Italy-based Outline named Grupo Morfo as its exclusive distributor for Mexico. Pictured here is Antonio Maceda, founder and director of Grupo Morfo, which is based in Mexico City.

More details from Outline (www.outline.it):

Grupo Morfo will be responsible for sales, technical support and service of Outline products across all markets, including Touring, AV Rental, Live Bands, Performing Arts Venues, Hospitality, Restaurants, Clubs, Portable, Cinema and Stadiums.

“In Grupo Morfo we have found an ideal partnership to strengthen, publicize and launch the Outline name in Mexico,” says Giorgio Biffi, Outline President & CEO. “Grupo Morfo has a solid, strategic approach in the product lines they have represented, as well as a proven track record of responsive service and support. The company principals have a close collaborative relationship with the integrator community, which aligns with Outline’s growing emphasis on commercial installation. At the same time their personal experience in live performance and touring will connect with that key market.”

For Antonio Maceda, founder and director of Grupo Morfo, the appointment represents a significant step forward for the company.

“With this appointment, Outline has recognized our company’s passion for audio and our demonstrated success with other product lines,” says Antonio Maceda. “We certainly share Outline’s commitment to product quality and customer support, and we have everything in place to take Outline to a wider audience in Mexico. We like to sell solutions, not boxes. Customers know they can rely on us from initial design proposals through ongoing technical support after the sale,” says Antonio Maceda.

“We are excited to have Grupo Morfo join as our distributor for the important Mexican markets,” says Giorgio Biffi, Outline President & CEO. “We welcome Grupo Morfo to the Outline family.”

“Outline is highly regarded as a prestige, innovative brand,” observes Maceda. “We’re enthusiastic about building on this reputation among potential new users while at the same time introducing a new generation of Outline products to a wider audience of audio professionals in Mexico.”

Grupo Morfo is headquartered in Mexico City and can be contacted at info@grupomorfo.com or via the Facebook site @OutlineMEX.


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