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DAS Audio Continues North American Expansion

FOH Staff • On the Move • July 30, 2021

DAS Audio Continues North American Expansion

MIAMI, FL — Focusing on the North America market, DAS Audio of America is establishing partnerships that will drive growth in the region and strengthen customer support.

There is no denying that the pro audio industry is among the hardest hit by the public health crisis caused by the coronavirus. Restrictions on cultural, leisure and entertainment activities, and the uncertainty created by the new strains continue to hinder the recovery of the sector. DAS Audio’s business model and resilience have been critical to overcoming the negative effects of this crisis. Since the onset of this unprecedented situation, the company has been able to maintain its facilities operational and among its strategies, it has prioritized its efforts in the expansion of the North American market, building business relationships based on mutual respect and flexibility to allow DAS Audio partners to grow with the company and vice versa.

Under these difficult circumstances, the team at DAS Audio of America, with the assistance of Vice-President of Sales, Scott Pizzo, has been working on establishing partnerships with additional outstanding rep firms, including Mainline Marketing (Florida and Puerto Rico), The DL Henderson Company (New England and Upstate NY), Audio Associates (Mid-Atlantic and NY Metro), Bormann Marketing (Central and TOLA) and Holloway Sales (Midwest), which will join DAS Audio’s veteran reps, Sonic Sales (California and Pacific Northwest Coast).” I’ve had considerable history with most of these firms, and I know we will work well together to grow the business and support our customers successfully,” remarks Scott.

DAS Audio is drawing on its representative partners’ relationships and expertise to expand its base in the systems integration market, capitalizing on the quality and value of the deep installation product portfolio.  “As for retail and production customers, once they learn about the products and operations here in the US, they realize the untapped potential of the brand and see a solid ROI in partnering with DAS”, adds Scott.

Scott Pizzo is also optimistic about the resumption of operations and the new opportunities that have emerged at DAS Audio: “After weathering the pandemic-induced pause of what should have been a banner year, DAS Audio is seeing a positive turn and we expect that, given our commitment to keeping healthy amounts of inventory on hand, the business will continue on this trajectory.  Currently we are working on several strategic partnerships, setting up authorized service centers across the U.S., and imminent product launches; there is much excitement for what lies down the road ahead.”

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