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Yeah Yeah Yeahs Storm England

FOH Staff • News • June 5, 2006

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND–Cult New York rockers, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, recently played a whirlwind UK tour. The three back-to-back dates at the Glasgow Barrowlands then the Manchester and Birmingham Academies were reinforced with a Nexo Alpha system – seven M3 tops and four S2 subs a side, all powered by Camco amps, with equipment and personnel supplied by the Adlib Group. FOH engineer Steve Wright mixed using a Soundcraft Series 5 console, using an Adlib's outboard rack including Lexicon PCM 81s, two SPX 2000s for reverbs, an SPX 990 for chorus effects and a TC Electronics D2 delay unit.

dbx 160 compression went across lead singer Karen O's incredibly dynamic vocal, along with dbx160As for bass and guitar, and they also had a frequency conscious BSS 901 compressor running along with the 160s to eliminate sibilance. The band brought most of their own – primarily Shure mics – to the party, with Adlib supplying a selection of additionals.

Monitor world was mixed by Jeremy Lemos and overseen by Adlib's Steve Cole. It used MP3 low profile wedges, powered by Crown amps, all crossed over and EQ'd through a dbx Drive Rack. The desk was a Soundcraft Series 5 and another set of standard outboards included SPX 990s used for reverb, Drawmer gates and dbx compressors.

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