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Webinar on Outline’s WFIRs: Can Quality Be Measured?

FOH Staff • News • June 22, 2020

Outline Newton motherboard

BRESCIA, Italy – Outline has announced that, on June 24, it will hold a free webinar in English on its (patent pending) WFIRs, the “warped” filters featured in Outline’s Newton processors, synonymous with top grade precision and musicality.

More details from Outline (

The appointments on Zoom are:

“WFIR Filtering Technology” — 24th June, 9:00 am (Rome)

“WFIR Filtering Technology” — 24th June, 6:00 pm (Rome)

Warped filters vs linear filters resolution (λ=0.99)

Fernando Rey Méndez, who will host both sessions with the support of Paolo Calza, states: “The WFIR webinar will be an in-depth event, following the numerous requests from system engineers and audio technicians all over the world, from the ‘live’ industry, but also and perhaps even more from the broadcast, studio and permanent installation sectors. What are WFIR filters? How do they differ from FIR filters? But, above all, can the difference be heard and to what extent? How much computing power do WFIR filters require? Is there an ideal ecosystem on which this technology’s potential can be fully exploited? These are just a few of the questions we’ll answer, and participants will be able to actively participate.”

Axis deformation (λ=negative)

The webinars on Outline’s WFIR filters address System Engineers, PA Techs, FOH Engineers and everybody (even those who aren’t technicians) wishing to obtain first-hand knowledge of this innovative signal processing technology successfully used at internationally important festivals and concerts.

Octave Resolution (WFIR)

Discover more and register here:

Raised Cosine

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