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Washington State Political Gala Rocks Its Socks Off

FOH Staff • News • December 31, 2007

BELLEVUE, WA – Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna announced his candidacy for reelection in style at a recent breakfast gala attended by over 2,000 supporters at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, Wash. Working together with the Blue Danube production company and Hollywood Lights, Mills Music of Seattle provided sound reinforcement for the event, deploying a Dynacord Cobra-2 compact line array system.

“The Breakfast Campaign Kickoff  started at 8 am and we rocked their socks off,” says Ric Webb of Mills Music, who supervised sound. “Rob McKenna came onstage to music from Pirates of the Caribbean, which was a great way to get the guests going, and the exit music was Up Around the Bend by Creedence Clearwater Revival. This was our first time flying the Cobra, after a year of stacking the system for a wide range of outdoor and indoor shows, and we found the rigging to be an absolute piece of cake — so quick and easy. Everything clicked into place; we put the frame on top and had them flown in minutes.”

In addition to the Cobra system, Webb and his crew deployed EV QRx115 loudspeakers as front fills, powered by EV TG-7 amplifiers. A Dynacord CMS mixer was joined at FOH by Klark Teknik Square One EQs and compressor/limiters for the back of house mix. On the input end, EV’s new REV wireless systems were used with an N/D767a handheld and a new EV PolarChoice Boundary Satellite mic placed on the podium. “That is a very cool new device from EV,” says Webb. “This whole system delivered great performance at every step in the signal chain. The Cobra-2 can easily handle events for thousands of people, though it packs up easily into the back of a small truck.”

 “The Cobra delivered a great balance of muscle and intelligibility,” Webb adds, “meaning the playback music had plenty of power to boost the atmosphere, while the speeches were crisp and clear. And, of course, flying the boxes kept the sightlines open. We received compliments from a number of ranking party representatives present, telling us that in all the years they’ve hosted similar events, they’d never had such high quality production and sound. This was our first time working with Blue Danube, and it was a great success — we look forward to working together again soon.”


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