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TiMax to Go Immersive at InfoComm

FOH Staff • News • June 4, 2019

ORLANDO – At Infocomm 2019, in Demo Room W221BC TiMax will showcase an sampler of TiMax immersive audio soundscapes.

More details from TiMax (

The demos will present panoramic and 3D spatialized music playback in conjunction with a multi-channel immersive sound system of Renkus-Heinz compact, Dante-enabled active installation speakers.

Dave Haydon and Duncan Crundwell from TiMax will present the immersive sampler regularly throughout each day and be available for detailed product and application discussions in Demo Room W221BC.

There will also be updates on some of the latest TiMax innovations including the new mighty HARDCore FPGA spatial processing engine for TiMax SoundHub, and the groundbreaking new TiMax TrackerD4 all-purpose performer stagetracking system.

The TiMax SoundHub HARDCore FPGA delivers extended delay-matrix scalability and new levels of seamlessly transparent dynamic delay morphing. The power of the new platform is also being harnessed later in the year for a next-generation, fully interactive spatial reverberation system.

The all-new TiMax TrackerD4 provides OSC interfacing to drive not only TiMax SoundHub but also other third-party platforms and also offers PosiStageNet interfacing to lighting and media control systems.

Outside of its market-leading theatre vocal-localisation core sector, TiMax has been rapidly growing into a myriad of av, experiential, exhibit and retail installations, handling system management, playback, dynamic immersive spatialisation and showcontrol. Infocomm will showcase examples such as the Atlanta Shuttle Exhibit, Fremont Street Experience, Milan Expo UK pavilion, National Gallery Soundscapes exhibit, Japanese planetariums and several European museums.

TiMax can manage itself and other peripherals via an internal Date Time scheduler, or just as readily slave to external show controllers such as Medialon, Crestron and AMX via its straightforward XML protocol. The new comprehensive OSC interface facilitates hook-up with digital mixing consoles plus a wide range of affordable and configurable touch-screen interfaces.

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