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Sub Finishes P

FOH Staff • News • September 20, 2006

OXNARD, CA–L-ACOUSTICS' has completed its P-Series line of self-powered amplifiers with the release of a self-powered subwoofer. The addition of a self-powered subwoofer SB15P for extended LF response in bi- and tri-amp configurations widens the performance range of the P series for small to medium format applications. The SB15P was designed as a companion reference subwoofer for the 108P and 112P self-powered coaxial loudspeakers. Featuring a front-loaded 15" transducer in an optimized sized/tuned vented enclosure, the SB15P combines the convenience of self-powered performance with the flexibility of digital signal processing.

Designed for portable sound reinforcement, the SB15P provides plug-and-play operation and is equipped with a 1000 W class D topology amplifier module and dedicated on-board DSP with instant recall, application-engineered presets. The 15" component employed in the SB15P features elevated power handling and excursion capability along with reduced distortion and thermal power compression. Advanced component performance is complemented by integral power amplification and protection to provide exceptional SPL output and secure operation. Optimized tuning provides an ideal combination of temporal accuracy, bass articulation, musicality and low end definition that only a front-loaded subwoofer can provide.

A built-in pole mount socket allows the SB15P to operate as a compact FOH system when used with 108P or 112P enclosures. An optional adjustable U-bracket facilitates ceiling, wall, scaffold or truss mounting, thus offering a unique degree of rigging versatility for fixed installations.

The SB15P subwoofer will be available last quarter of 2006.

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