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Soundcraft GB2R

FOH Staff • News • January 2, 2008

The Soundcraft GB Series has gained another new member, the Soundcraft GB2R. This 19-inch rack-mountable mixer is designed for smaller installations in churches and performance venues, or for small portable PA systems. Available in two variants, the GB2R offers either 16 mono inputs to a stereo mix output, or a 12.2 version with 12 mono inputs, two full-feature stereo inputs and two group busses, each model having six auxiliary sends.

The Soundcraft GB2R inherits both the GB30 mic preamplifier and GB30 equalizer designs from the larger GB4 and GB8.

The connector section is contained in a rotatable pod, allowing cable access from the top of the mixer if sat on a tabletop or from the rear when mounted in a 19-inch rack. On the stereo inputs of the 12.2 model, connectors are provided for both Mic and Line inputs.

With Mic signals routed to the local channel, the Line inputs are available as stereo returns to the main mix bus. A two-track input and two stereo returns are provided, which means that the GB2R-12.2 model can offer up to 26 inputs to mix in a mixer 19 inches wide. Every input has a pre/post-switchable direct output for recording or effects sends, while an internal universal voltage PSU avoids external power supply connections.

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