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Singing A Mic's Praises At Jazz Fest

FOH Staff • News • June 13, 2006

WILSONVILLE, OR–Audix's new MicroBoom MB1245 was a part of the recent Jazz Fest in New Orleans, LA–one of the city's first post-Katrina events–on April 28-30 and May 5-7. The choir mics were employed specifically in the AIG Gospel Tent and offered a modern solution for amplifying 44 bands over the course of the 6-day festival. Kingston Audio of New Orleans, LA, who provided the sound system, used Audix microphones exclusively on the stage. In addition to the MB1245, Kingston used the Audix OM3 for vocals (both wired and with the RAD-360 wireless), D6 for kick drums, D4 for toms and Leslies, SCX1-c for overheads and SCX1-hc for hi-hats, and i-5 for snares and guitars.

"The Audix MicroBoom choir mics made a big different in the gospel tent this year," says Juan LaBostrie, assistant to John "Klondike" Koehler of Klondike Sound, head audio consultants for the Fest. "The choir sounded big and full, and every engineer I spoke to enjoyed them."

The Audix MicroBoom MB1245 is a 50-inch carbon-fiber mic boom arm that attaches to any mic stand for horizontal or vertical use. Designed as an accessory for Audix's Micro Series of miniature condenser mics, the MicroBoom has a diameter of less than 1/3", weighs only 2.5 ounces and is fitted with an internal shielded cable and mini-XLR connector.

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