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Simon Pro Gives Mission Worship Sound Makeover with McCauley Sound

FOH Staff • News • April 17, 2008

RIVERSIDE, CA – The Mission Worship Center in Riverside, Calif., experienced structural damage, which forced them into a position to move their services into their gymnatorium.  Realizing that the gym was not going to handle the make-shift system from the main worship hall, Simon Productions worked with Pastor Justin Frailey of the church to get a new McCauley Sound iDESIGN installation, consisting of four iD112-4s, two iD208-26s, two iD108-26s, two AC288s and two SM72-2s.  Once the sanctuary is rebuilt, Mission Worship Center has already decided to go with a McCauley Sound line array. 

Before the Mission Worship Center project, Terry Stewart of Simon Productions in Winnetka, Calif., got on board with McCauley after Engineering Support Director Daniel Casado familiarized him with the product.  Daniel explains, “I did some new settings for the iD2.112 before I sent him the demo gear to use at the church.  I think those sound settings had a major role in bringing Terry onboard.” Terry had always been familiar with the McCauley product line, but didn’t really get the full effect until a shootout took place.  “One of our reps reintroduced us to the brand,” said Terry, “and when the shootouts were all said and done, we were really impressed with McCauley Sound, so we went with them!” 

Upon reception of the demo rig, Terry immediately noticed the condition.  “It was a great demo rig, it had only been used once, and we took it out of the box then installed it.”  Terry said it was just about that simple too. There were some reconfigurations to be made, as waveguides were too narrow, “but we adjusted them to meet the dimensions of the facility very easily.”

Justin Frailey, pastor of Mission Worship Center, was rather impressed with his church’s new sound system.  The previous rig had not been wired or set up properly, “all of it was a joke” he said, “but Terry was fantastic! He went above and beyond his obligations to make sure we were happy.”  Pastor Frailey detailed the mess that was the structural damage in the main sanctuary, where a main beam collapsed.  It was because of that beam that the church discovered the audio and visual systems were sub par.  “Once we started looking at a permanent install, we realized our equipment was inadequate. If it hadn’t been for the structural failure, we probably wouldn’t have upgraded our system,” he goes on “essentially, it was a blessing in disguise.” 

Terry’s rediscovery of McCauley Sound systems has also brightened his future project ideas.  “I was highly impressed with the way we can configure it. It’s very easy to align the cabinets based on room display.  I like how everything is interchangeable and that the array hardware is one the best I’ve seen out there.  We’re really just blown away with the product.”  When Terry arrived, it was just four walls, but working day and night, Simon Productions completed the installation in what Terry referred to as “record time.”  “We constructed a custom stage, acoustic treatments, installed a new power scheme in the room, built three thirty foot lighting trusses and knocked it all out in one month.” 

When asked what it was like working with McCauley Sound for the first time, Terry said “You have no idea how easy it has been for us.  It has been a dream.  I ask for something and it literally shows up on my door step.  Daniel is truly great to work with. Jason Farris has gone out of his way to be polite in the sales division, answering questions and making sure we have all that we need.  It’s really great working with a staff that’s so intelligent and knows what’s actually going on in the craft.  That’s hard to come by.” 

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