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Shure Goes Green with Redesigned Packaging

FOH Staff • News • July 8, 2008

NILES, Ill. – Shure Incorporated has announced that it has redesigned the packaging for all of its Microflex Installed Sound Microphones, ULX Wireless Microphone Systems, three of its wired and wireless Personal Monitor Systems (PSM), and two of its SE Sound Isolating Earphone models.  

The size and shape of all cartons for the Microflex products, ULX Wireless Systems, and three PSM Systems (PSM 400, PSM 600, and PSM 700) as well as the strength, durability and product protection they provide will remain unchanged. As an environmental incentive, the elimination of the Mylar coating and full-color graphic printing on the cartons increases the recycle-ability of the packaging.

“We currently produce a wide variety of full-color packaging across all product lines, but recently made the decision to move toward a more environmentally friendly design for several products,” said Terri Hartman, director of Brand Communications for Shure.  “These changes allow us to gain some efficiencies and act as a more socially responsible company.”  

All models will ship in brown “kraft” packaging with the Shure brand logo and “Microflex Installed Sound Microphones” for Microflex models, “ULX Wireless Systems” for ULX models and “Personal Monitor Systems” for the PSM Systems printed on the cartons.  Weber labels will continue to provide specific product model information of package contents.

“We felt like this redesign further underlines our commitment to environmentally friendly standards,” added Hartman.

Shure has also recently introduced new outer packaging for the SE210 and SE310 Sound Isolating earphone models, which is made of a 100 percent recyclable carton. The new packaging provides a uniform look for the SE110, SE210, and SE310 earphone models.

“We’re confident that the new packaging will provide consumers, at a quick glance, product differentiation between these models on the retail floor,” said Hartman.  “We’re always willing to explore new options for our existing products, and we’ll consider more eco-friendly packaging designs when we introduce new products in the future.”


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