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Rick Camp’s Master Mix Live Expands for 2021 — and Beyond

FOH Staff • News • December 22, 2020
Rick Camp, in the Master Mix Live facility

Rick Camp, in the Master Mix Live facility

LAS VEGAS — Rick Camp, the world-class, 35-year veteran live and studio engineer — whose past clients have included Beyoncé, Destiny’s Child, J-Lo, Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige, Natalie Cole, Madonna, Earth, Wind & Fire and Babyface — has expanded the scope of the studio in his Master Mix Live audio engineering school from a purely live teaching environment to a Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 and post-production mixing facility.

Master Mix Live offers students a unique semi-private engineering education to acquire skilled use of today’s audio gear, plus, confident hands-on console mastery to qualify as an A1, A2 or live audio engineer in five weeks.

Camp has long been involved with immersive sound production from his work recording and mixing Beyoncé’s first live 5.1 DVD, to engineering J-Lo’s 2012 world tour in 5.1 surround.

Seven months in the making, Master Mix Live was redesigned by Camp with the help and expertise of Ceri Thomas, the head of Dolby Atmos music content creations, with the focus on remixing live concerts and previously recorded CD releases into the Dolby Atmos format to be streamed to platforms such as Tidal, Amazon Music, Netflix, etc.

The main studio monitoring features Camp’s custom-designed K-array Kayman compact line array and K-array Python 7.1 system, with two ISP Technologies double-18” subwoofers with 4,000 watts of self-powered amplification that go down to 35 Hz for extreme LFE response. The room also features a Genelec 1031A / 7050 7.1 near-field speaker and subwoofer system. The four ceiling speakers are flat panel Tectonic Audio Labs PL11 Distributed Mode Loudspeakers (DML) with carbon fiber plates and ribbon tweeters.

The backbone of the studio is a DirectOut technologies Prodigy MP that handles all the digital and analog audio custom routing and room EQ and delay, designed by Luca Giaroli Of DirectOut Technologies and featuring 32 channels of analog mic preamps and I/O with 128 channels of RAVENNA protocol, 64 channels of MADI, 64 channels of Dante, along with onboard parametric EQ, compression and delay for all channels.  With Prodigy MP’s modular design, it can be transformed into any combination of analog or digital I/O configurations.

Coupled with the Sonifex GPS word clock that locks itself to satellites for accurate timing, Master Mix Live post can stream in 128 channels of 24-bit/48k Hz of uncompressed audio over the Ravenna protocol from anywhere in the world in under 1 second, record and mix back to the client in stereo up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 in under two seconds. Hi-res 4K video streaming locked to the audio streams is also available.

The studio also features:

  • A 64-input Neve Genesys Console with 1073 mic pre’s
  • Avid Pro Tools HDx 2 System
  • 128 channels of SSL MADI I/O
  • 64 channels of Avid HD analog I/O
  • Avalon 737 mic pre/compressors
  • Avalon 747 mastering compressor
  • Millennia Media mic preamps
  • Earthworks mic preamps
  • and a well-stocked mic locker

For more info, visit

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