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Republic Parties With New Speakers

FOH Staff • News • September 20, 2006

TORONTO, ONTARIO–Republic, a busy Vancouver Club on Granville has revamped their entire sound system with Adamson Speakers. Republic is open seven days a week; during the day Republic is a busy pub and sports bar, and at night it features live DJs and entertainment transforming itself into a dance club. The Republic features variety of live rock bands and DJs who use the sound system on a daily basis, and without exception, all of the sound engineers and DJs have been very impressed with the new installation, especially the T-21 subwoofer. Alan Le Textier, owner of LTS designed the installation commented: "It does not matter what we throw at it, the subwoofer handles any style of music extremely well, with amazing clarity and fidelity".

The upstairs main dance area features 4 Adamson M15 Multi-purpose enclosures arrayed as four single horizontal boxes with the Mass System and a single T-21 Sub placed in front of the DJ booth.

In the downstairs area, LTS installed four Adamson CB1 cabinets in stereo, with a summed single B118 subwoofer. During the day when the venue is a pub and restaurant format, the CB1s offer a high fidelity crystal clear sound for the soft rock and jazz music played as background music. In the evening, when the Republic transforms into a club, the CB1s have no problem keeping up with the DJ and live format. There are two CB1s installed on each side of the bar, and one pointing at people as they walk up the stairwell, for a total of seven CB1s in the downstairs area. Three CB1s covering the upstairs bar and games area, and another two cover the patio area.

LTS also installed sixteen 33" LCD TVs in the Republic. All of the TV sets are controlled by a Xantech Touch Panel screen. You can preview each of the six inputs through a monitor, before sending the signal to any of the LCDs throughout the venue. The touch panel also controls all of the audio through the Nexia processor on the Xantech screen. This includes the DJ feed, live feed, and all of the video inputs. A unique feature that the Nexia processor offers is that we can separate the patio audio from the rest of the venue, so that the Republic can offer private functions or special events in the patio area.

The new Lab.Gruppen C-Series power all the Adamson speakers. The amplifiers perform from 11am to 3am, seven days a week. Alan Le Textier of LTS was impressed by their performance.

As far as the processing goes the installation has a combination of Kramer, Xantech, and Nexia products. LTS used RS232 and Ethernet connections in order to unite and have these devices communicate.

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