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REDDI to Get Through?

FOH Staff • News • February 21, 2007

WEST HILLS, CA — The A-Designs Audio REDDI tube direct injection box features a 1/4-inch Switchcraft input jack on the faceplate, replacing the heavy-duty power toggle switch that has now been relocated to the product's rear panel. It also includes a 6NIP vacuum tube and massive custom wound output transformer coupled with a toroidal power transformer. Housed in a vented metal casing sporting, the enhanced REDDI features a Neutrik Combo XLR 1/4-inch input connector, balanced XLR output connector, rotary level knob and blue LED power indicator on its faceplate in addition to the new Thru. Aside from the on/off power switch's new placement, the rear panel continues to feature a ground lift switch and IEC AC power connector. The REDDI is intended for basses, guitars, keyboards/synths and other electronic instruments that require a direct box for both recording and live performance applications. MSRP: $795.00. For more information, visit

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