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Pacific West Sound Chooses Adamson

FOH Staff • News • July 8, 2008

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – Pacific West Sound Professional Audio and Design Inc. (PacWest), based in a newly constructed building in Bakersfield Calif., has been providing complete video and backline services as well as designing and building complete installations, including sound, video and lighting for the past 25 years. PacWest recently made the decision to upgrade to an Adamson Y-Axis System.  

Brent Milton, president and owner of PacWest explains: "It was a big, (i.e. costly), decision for us to add Adamson to our current inventory, but it gives us yet another means of meeting the demands of contemporary artists." Milton spent over five years researching and comparing manufacturers and proclaims that Adamson outperforms all the others, "hands down.”

 PacWest currently has the largest inventory of Adamson Y-Axis in California, which now includes 32 Y-10s and 16 T-21s. This, coupled with their continued expansion into video production, puts them among the companies to beat.

PacWest had a great year in the world of production, culminating with the New Year's Eve “Together As One" (TGA1) rave at the LA Sports Arena.  This is the show in which PacWest decided to debut their new Adamson rig.  

Jonathan Wright, PacWest’s production manager could hardly contain his enthusiasm as he described the new Adamson System: "When you're doing sound for 30,000-plus people, you gotta go big. And that's just what we did.”

It was a mind boggling arsenal of audio, led by the 56 box Adamson Y-Axis speaker system. With over 400,000 watts of power and more than 140 boxes total in the system's design, the show topped the records for indoor events in North America. The shows’ FOH Engineer Danny Almeyda said, “The system rocked!” and System Tech Birch Caffee deliberated that “it was the best sound we have ever had for any show we’ve done in the LA sports arena.”

"2008 has been one of the most exciting and important years in our company's history; our output in all areas, production, design/build, rentals, sales and repairs, had record breaking numbers this past year," comments owner and President Brent Milton.

Milton explains that PacWest's success is a combination of working smarter while continually supporting a team of highly talented individuals. A focused level of strategic planning, coupled with ongoing employee training and development result in phenomenal accomplishments.


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