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Out of this World Event Productions Kicks Off with Yamaha DZR System

FOH Staff • News • April 29, 2020


Giancarlo Gadd with his Yamaha DZR loudspeaker system

Giancarlo Gadd with his Yamaha DZR loudspeaker system

LAS VEGAS — For Giancarlo Gadd, no two gigs are alike. His company, Out of This World Event Productions, handles event management and live sound for everything from rock concerts to cocktail parties to corporate functions. With such a diverse workload, Gadd and his team needed a loudspeaker system combining power, performance and a compact, lightweight design, especially as demand for his services began to substantially grow. Gadd found that mix in the Yamaha DZR loudspeaker system.

As soon as he graduated high school, Gadd flew from his hometown in Rochester, N.Y. to Los Angeles where he immersed himself in music production, working on studio gigs. Eventually, he found his way to Las Vegas where he entered the live sound business and never looked back.

Gadd then toured nationally and internationally as a system technician, monitor mixer and FOH engineer for artists such as Anita Baker and Lou Gramm (Foreigner). He also worked for a touring sound company where he toured with artists such as Kid Rock, Michael Frianti, Kevin Hart, Brett Dennen and the Steve Gadd Band.

After carving out a solid reputation for himself, Gadd knew it was time to create his own company, Out of this World Event Productions. Serving the west/northwest region, the company started as an assemblage of audio, lighting, special EFX, video, staging, scenic, backline and labor companies that specialize in their craft.

As an audio engineer with a fairly new production company, he needed a reliable loudspeaker setup that could cater to different rooms, genres and applications. Gadd had consulted with technical specialists at Yamaha Pro Audio who recommended the DZR loudspeakers and DXS-XLF subwoofers: the DZR12 speakers for main and stage monitors, DZR10 speakers for front fills and DXS15XLF for his subwoofers. He was also no stranger to Yamaha. As the son of Yamaha Artist and drumming legend Dr. Steve Gadd, Giancarlo grew up with the brand all around him.

Before finding the DZR speakers, Gadd was accustomed to using whatever was available. But after his first tests, it was clear they would deliver the consistent coverage he wanted. “One person came to me after a recent gig,” Gadd said, “and asked me ‘where are you hiding the subs. I have been walking around all night looking. Where did you hide it?’’ Varying the job, I can use the DZR12s without subs and still pack a ton of punch.” Gadd noted a clear, natural sound after months of using these speakers for a variety of events. “I choose the DXS15XLF for its notable strong punch and tighter low-end,” Gadd explained. “With the 15- inch subwoofer, I can set them at normal or use the extended low-frequency feature and it sounds phenomenal, reaching a low 30 Hz.”

Gadd added the performance of the DZR/DXS-XLF Series has improved his workflow and ability to handle a more diverse workload of events.

“These speakers have a crystal clear high-end especially with the DSP processing and FIR tuning,” said Gadd. “Whether I am mixing a cocktail party with low background music or a 7-piece rock band, whether it’s loud or soft, I get the coverage. These speakers can be set 35 feet apart and I can get a full left-right stereo image coverage. I can cover the whole middle and 20-30 feet beyond each speaker. This truly makes my job 1,000 times easier.”

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