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New Facebook Group Connects Industry Pros Impacted by Covid-19

FOH Staff • News • March 20, 2020

A new Facebook group, titled AV Industry Relief Resources, aims to connect audio and video professionals with resources to help each other through the current pandemic crisis. The Facebook group co-founder, David Rahn, who is also North American sales manager for Alcons Audio, and Daniel Keller, CEO of Get It In Writing, detailed the goals of the initiative in a press release sent March 20.

More details from AV Industry Relief Resources ( ):

AV Industry Relief Resources is a public Facebook group dedicated to networking between industry professionals whose livelihoods have been impacted by the massive cancellations of tours, productions, and the resulting layoffs throughout the professional audio and video community. From job postings and barter offerings to aid resources, humanitarian assistance, and helpful tips, the group is a place for pooling resources and helping each other.

“Our industry is truly the original gig economy, and a great many of us who live tour to tour and paycheck to paycheck have been hit hard by the shutdown, right at the beginning of peak touring season,” offers David Rahn, North American Sales Manager for Alcons Audio and a co-founder of the group. “It’s more important now than ever before for us to pull together and help each other. Whether it’s a temporary job or a heads-up about financial assistance, sharing our connections and our collective knowledge can only be a good thing.”

“We’re a diverse industry full of creative, talented people that has never failed to come together in times of crisis,” added Daniel Keller, CEO of Get It In Writing. “Information is power, and communication is our most valuable asset. It’s our hope that this group will enable those of us who need help to get it, and those of us who can offer help to connect with those in need.”


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