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Montreal Gala Event Entertains with iLive

FOH Staff • News • September 26, 2007

Montreal, Quebec — Allen & Heath's iLive digital mixing system was recently employed to manage a sold-out event, entitled Mom & Company, held in Montreal’s 2,200-capacity performance venue, Theatre St-Denis 1. The variety show was themed as a celebration of parenthood, featuring 2 MC's and live entertainment.

An iLive system comprised of an iDR10 stage rack and iLive-144 control surface was used for FOH sound. The show utilized 56 mic inputs, 16 digital inputs and eight digital outputs. In addition to the 54 mics, digital inputs included two CD players, three additional effects processors and three VTR's.

Head of sound for the event was Robert Grimard, who was responsible for programming iLive and mixed the main comedy show.

"It's hard to say which feature of this mixing system impresses me the most, but I must say that if I had to name a few of the things that really blow me away it would definitely start with audio quality — iLive is the most analog-sounding digital system I have ever tried," Grimard says.

Dany Bedar's engineer, Dan Meir added, "After a couple of minutes, I felt very comfortable with the basic operations of the iLive system. Even though I've had plenty of experience in the digital domain, I was surprised by iLive's simple, straight-to-the-point, analog-like feel. The EQ section sounded very transparent — no digital harshness of any kind — and I am very impressed with the smoothness of the high ends — it's great to be able to mix instead of just compensate, as I am used to doing on other digital consoles."

The system was specified for the event by Technical Designer Gil Perron from Reno Productions.


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