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Monstrous Array Used In Rock Concert

FOH Staff • News • June 15, 2006

MILTON KEYNES, UK– SSE Audio Group rocked more than 60,000 heavy metal and rock fans at the National Bowl in Milton Keynes, reinforcing legendary performers such as Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Queensryche, Journey, Thunder and Ted Nugent with 85 boxes in a NEXO GEO T line array system at the Monsters of Rock festival. The Monsters of Rock festival is staged in a natural grass amphitheatre, crescent shaped and gently sloping down to a large flat area in front of the stage allowing excellent viewing of the performance from all parts of the arena.

"Using NEXO's proprietary GEOSoft package, we designed the GEO T system to stay contained within the Bowl, and cover the floor of the arena," says Nick Pain of SSE.

The NEXO GEO T system was configured in an L/C/R design. Left and right arrays of 26x T4805 cabinets plus 2x T2815s flew above 12x CD18s, stacked in 4 columns of 3. In front of the middle of the stage, 3x T2815 units were stacked on top of 8 more CD18 subs. The system was powered by CAMCO Vortex 6 amplifiers, and processed by NEXO's NX242s.

The Monsters of Rock was an all-analogue affair. SSE provided two Midas XL4s for front-of-house, with "festival racks" of outboard, and Deep Purple and Alice Cooper brought their own guest boards. Nick Pain and Rob Hughes of SSE assisted at FOH.

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