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Memorial Auditorium Installs New Sound System

FOH Staff • News • January 2, 2008

BUENA PARK, CA. – A new sound system has recently been installed at the Memorial Auditorium in Pittsburg, Kan. The system brings the auditorium performance level up to the demands of its extensive calendar of events. Prior to the new system installation, the theatre had been experiencing several problems: It had not been updated since 1984 except for some “piece-meal” repairs over the years, patrons complained about the system being noisy and hard to comprehend, and rental systems were required for some of the visiting performers. 

“The city was able to fund a new system through their capital improvements plan, and we're really grateful for it,” states Technical Director Jason Huffman. The theatre management chose MSM Systems Inc., of Lawrence, KS to design and install a new start-of-the-art system. MSM Systems Inc. recommended a system comprised of a Yamaha M7CL-48 using CobraNet digital transport to feed QSC Basis signal processors and NEXO NX242 with 16 NEXO GEO S 8 line array speakers powered by three QSC PL380 amplifiers. CobraNet was chosen to reduce ground noise between the console and amp room on the second floor as well as to lower costs of cable runs.

The main speaker system, arrayed in a stereo left/right pair, consists of seven 5-degree vertical cabinets with a horizontal pattern of either 80 or 120-degree for optimum coverage.  One 30-degree horizontal with 120-degree horizontal pattern cabinet provides downfill, and two high power QSC PL380 amplifiers provide amplification for the main left/right NEXO arrays. Signal processing for the NEXO GEO S left/right arrays are provided by the NEXO NX242.  One high power QSC PL380 amplifier provides amplification for the existing subwoofers.

The theatre had only two weeks of dark time for the improvements. This included installing the sound system and moving the front of house control booth to center of the floor.  “The Yamaha M7CL’s ease of use is amazing, and training my staff and volunteers has been unbelievably straight-forward,” says Huffman. “The NEXO line array gives clarity of sound that is second to none; I have had nothing but compliments and praise from our patrons.” 

“The system is very rider friendly,” Huffman continues.  “Our first concert was Restless Heart; everyone from the band and their soundman to my staff and the crowd were so impressed by the sound system and how it performed.”

“The community is very active in theatre, and now they can increase the level of their music productions,” states MSM President Kent Clasen.  “We were very pleased with the results of the NEXO loudspeakers and the Yamaha M7CL-48 with the digital Cobranet transport worked extremely well and has the lowest noise floor of any system I have heard.” 

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