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Maysville Baptist Church Audio System Centers on Danley

FOH Staff • News • November 21, 2007

MAYSVILLE, GA – Maysville Baptist Church in Maysville, Ga, had the very best of problems. Tremendous growth had pushed their small downtown church to its limits. Unable to expand at their downtown location, the church purchased a 50-acre tract on the outskirts of Maysville and began a nearly two-year project to design and build an elegant, 500-seat worship center with state-of-the-art sound reinforcement and video projection systems.

“This was one of those great situations where we were able to get involved from the very start,” said Frank Locklear, system designer for dB Audio and Video, the company hired by the church to help realize their vision. “We were able to consult with the architects and builder to ensure that everything would work in favor of the audio. We didn’t have to work around obstacles that had been decided on in our absence. As such, it was relatively easy to design a fabulous system.” Locklear worked with the church staff to come up with a design that would enhance the worship style of the congregation while providing growth potential to the worship leaders.

At the heart of the sound system lies a Danley Sound Labs central flown cluster of two full-range SH-50s, two full-range SH-100s and one TH-115 subwoofer. “Danley’s patented loudspeaker technology generates amazingly tight pattern control,” said Locklear. “We were able to get excellent coverage without exciting the room too much. The SH-50s cover the center of the room, with the SH-100s filling in the front and sides. The TH-115 gives the system a smooth, full low-end.” Yamaha P-series amplifiers power the Danley speakers.

Yamaha stage wedges and Aviom personal monitoring systems serve musicians and speakers on stage. Locklear also chose six Sennheiser evolution ew 135 G2 handheld microphones coupled with three ew 122 G2 lavalier systems. “We had originally planned to use another wireless brand due to cost, but after several problems, we substituted the Sennheiser wireless systems, which were a little more expensive, but definitely more reliable.”  The wireless microphone systems along with source material and line outputs feed a 40-channel Yamaha 01V console. dB provided custom four by eight foot acoustic panels on the parallel surfaces of the sidewalls and at the rear of the sanctuary to reduce the standing waves in the space and provide a more controlled environment for the worship experience.

The video system uses three Panasonic 5000 lumens projectors, two for the front (left and right) for the congregational view, and one for the rear of the room that is viewed by the choir, as well as the worship leaders. Two ten by twelve foot screens are used at the front while a nine by twelve foot screen is used for the rear. Material can be displayed independently on the front and rear projectors.


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