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Theft Alert: Gear Stolen from White Tie Productions

FOH Staff • News • May 11, 2020

PHOENIX – Ross Snyder, president of White Tie Productions LLC, reported the theft of a semi-truck and 53-foot trailer housing about “75% of our production equipment inventory and our warehouse contents” from an industrial storage yard off the I-10 in South Phoenix. The contents included Electro-Voice speakers and subwoofers, Shure microphone gear, speaker and microphone stands, Chauvet lighting fixtures and more.

More  details from White Tie  Productions (

I hope this finds you and your family healthy during this difficult time. As you well know and definitely don’t need me to remind you, the event industry has been hit hard by COVID-19; White Tie is no exception. We’ve pivoted and have done what we needed to do to keep our employees receiving a paycheck to the best of our ability, as I’m sure many of you have. Part of that pivot for us was moving our warehouse to temporary storage and our office remote for the time being.

At the end of April, we packed up 75% of our production equipment inventory and our warehouse contents (tools, shelves, spare parts, etc.) into a 53-foot dry van trailer and parked it at a storage yard in the industrial warehouse district off the I-10 in South Phoenix. Late in the evening on Thursday, May 7th, that trailer along with a day cab semi-truck was stolen from the yard.

The trailer is unmarked except for three black skulls, one located on the front and one located on each of the front sides. The day cab semi-truck is white and with “A to Z Distribution LLC” company markings on it. The truck and trailer were last seen in the early hours of May 8th in Laveen, AZ.

Our best chance at finding our equipment and the individuals who did this is you. If you think you see any of the equipment listed below on the secondary market, please contact me at 602-573-4479 immediately. If you think you see the truck or trailer described above on the road, please contact the Phoenix Police department at 602-262-6151 immediately and reference case #20-769486.

Please share this with your friends and colleagues nationwide, as it is highly possible the truck and trailer are no longer in Arizona.

Just as our industry is resilient and will recover from this pandemic, White Tie will rebuild and come out stronger on the other end. We hope that all of you continue to stay safe and we look forward to getting back to producing shows alongside you soon.



Ross Snyder, President

White Tie Productions LLC


Trailer Contents:

All production equipment and cases are marked and labeled with our White Tie Productions and/or PHX Audio Visual branding. Most roadcases are black with white branding and a few smaller ones are blue with white branding. The following is a list of the larger, easily identifiable items. There was substantially more small pieces equipment on the trailer than what is on this list.

Approximately (22) Electro-Voice speakers and subwoofers of various sizes – some in roadcases, some in EV branded canvas covers. All speakers have a White Tie or PHX AV barcode on the input plate. Easily identifiable are (2) custom made dual EV ETX-35P 3-way speaker cases made by

All XLR, Edison, SDI, etherCON and DMX cable have White Tie Productions colored shrink branding on the ends and/or White Tie Productions branded colored hook and loop ties. All cable is packed in 1/4 pack black fiberglass roadcases or slim blue ATA roadcases.

Approximately one dozen Shure BLX series kits inside small Pelican cases. These had a White Tie Productions erasable case label on the top of each case and contained a BLX receiver and either a BLX SM58 handheld or BLX bodypack transmitter. Misc Shure and Sennheiser wired microphones were located inside cable trunks.

Approximately (16) Vizio and Samsung TVs – some in original packing and some in black ATA roadcases. All cases are branded.

Several breakout room projectors in cases and a large quantity of BlackMagic converters.

Easily identifiable is a custom 16’x9’ borderless projection screen with aluminum frame, stretch screen fabric and hardware located inside a Da-Lite style screen case.

Other Equipment:

  • Small lighting equipment including several Chauvet fixtures
  • DMX Opto-Splitter rack
  • Smaller Antari hazers
  • Large 9-drawer black tool chest
  • Approximately 100’ of pallet rack broken down
  • Misc. office furnishing
  • 3 sets of built garage shelves strapped to the wall of the trailer with misc. spare parts, expendables (gaff tape, etc.) and raw cable on them

Our retail inventory was also on the tail of the trailer. Notably several packaged Chauvet DJ items and package Ultimate Support speaker and microphone stands.

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