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Floating Stage Gets Fiber Optic A/V Systems

FOH Staff • News • August 10, 2006

ORLANDO, FL– FiberPlex, Inc announced that its LightViper fiber optic digital audio transport system has been installed in Crane's Roost Park, a multi-use venue located in a rejuvenated green space in the city of Altamonte Springs, Fla. Audio/video systems integrators Teer Engineering recently completed the first phase of a large-scale audio/video system installation including the upgraded venue's 900-seat amphitheater that features a 100-foot by 60-foot "floating stage" on the park's 37-acre lake. Cranes Roost Park sits at the center of Altamonte Town Center, a 25-acre, 1.5-million-square-foot, master-planned development connected to a larger 1,400-acre business and residential district.

"We deployed 80 audio channels of LightViper fiber optic electronics (64 sends and 16 returns). The underground Mil-spec tactical fiber cable run is a twelve strand bundle of single mode fiber for all audio, video and background music," commented John Teer, president of Orlando-based Teer Engineering. "We simply couldn't use traditional copper wiring for this project for a host of reasons, including the obvious safety issues in a multi-use public venue."

LightViper's fiber optic cable offers total signal path isolation between both stage and mixer as well as between the mixer and power amplification; the cable is totally immune to ground loops, RFI, EMI and electromechanical noise, and runs of up to 1 1/4 miles (6,600 feet) can be easily accomplished without signal loss or degradation.

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