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Church Puts Faith in MSM Systems

FOH Staff • News • December 26, 2007

KANSAS CITY – Located within the Hispanic community of Kansas City, the La Fe en Jesucristo Church recently acquired a new building to consolidate their worship facility into one location from its previous two. As part of the new construction, a high-end sound system would be installed. Church Trustee Noe Aguilar said the church wanted a state-of-the-art system that would accommodate every style of music, including the diverse array of Hispanic Christian bands that come to Kansas City. With a high-energy congregation involved in the music, a quality sound system was a very high priority. The church hired MSM Systems of Lawrence, Kansas as its contractor and the firm had just one month for the installation from the time the contract was received until the first service. 


A Yamaha LS9-32 digital audio console and NEXO GEO S line array were chosen as the mainstay of the sound system. MSM Systems President Kent Clasen said that the LS9-32 installed at the La Fe en Jesucristo Church controls inputs for the front of house sound system as well as for the musicians.  “Most of the musicians are using in-ear monitors, so having the presets to recall their settings is a great feature and also helps to keep the stage volume low,” states Clasen. “The LS9-32's small footprint and on-board effects cut down the amount of extra rack equipment required at front of house. Even though it’s smaller, the Yamaha LS9 does more than anything you would need for church concerts and typical worship,” he adds.

Clasen said that MSM’s familiarity with the NEXO GEO S line array system allowed them to move quickly and properly deploy the system. “The building is old and there wasn’t support for the speakers so we needed to add two steel I Beams in order to suspend the left/right arrays. We worked with a structural engineer and installed two 16 ft. I beams that span the ceiling columns. The light weight of the GEO S was a big benefit,” notes Clasen. “It’s a great sounding, accurate system and having designed many systems around NEXO products, we know how to get the most out of these loudspeakers.” The NEXO S2 2×18” subwoofers are powered by the new Yamaha Tx Series amplifiers, and the GEO S is supported by Yamaha PC9501N amplifiers with a NEXO NX242processor.   

Aguilar praised the system as “crystal clear” and has received positive comments from the sound engineers and members of the congregation.


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