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Battle of the Bands Unite World’s Youth with Allen & Heath

FOH Staff • News • June 19, 2008

DUBAI – An Allen & Heath iLive digital system was recently employed for Hewlett Packard’s “Design Your Personal Life” event at Wafi City in Dubai.

PA company, Udaya Sound, was appointed to manage the AV requirements for the event, and had recently acquired the iLive system, comprising iDR10 mix rack and iLive-144 control surface from Allen & Heath’s distributor VV & Sons.

“iLive’s proven technology will give Udaya an edge in terms of sound processing, and VV & Sons has provided full training and technical support in order to get the very best out of this sophisticated hardware,” comments VV & Sons’ Touring Sound Specialist J Ninel.

The Dubai event was part of a global campaign taking form as a battle of the bands competition designed to draw youths together from different countries with similar experiences and environments. Events were staged simultaneously in Athens, Istanbul and Johannesburg and live satellite links were used throughout the evening to unite the four different locations, as well as spectators who were following proceedings online.

A DAS Audio active portable speaker system was also used for the evening, with visuals provided by Robe and DTS Lighting.

“iLive gives us peace of mind by allowing us to preset and store all the parameters in advance, thus making the show so much easier on the night. It’s intuitive and easy to use and above all else – it’s totally reliable,” comments US Creations CEO, Mr Basheer.

The event also featured an online competition for new musicians in each of the four cities, allowing visitors to support their favorite groups by voting for songs and music videos.


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