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Athletic Club Facility Upgrade Includes Fulcrum Acoustic Products

FOH Staff • News • February 23, 2021

ROCHESTER, NY – Fulcrum Acoustic products were selected as part of a comprehensive renovation, Midtown Athletic Club created a large space called “The Theater” for group exercise of various kinds. The Theater features multi-colored lighting, a theatrical truss, and a video wall.

More details from Fulcrum Acoustic (

The low frequency extension and high output of Fulcrum Acoustic’s FH1566 paired with the CS121 subwoofer provided the full range of sound and desired high impact music to energize exercise classes at the Midtown Athletic Club. The broadband pattern control helped to maximize clarity of the music and the instructor’s intelligibility; resulting in a system that is efficient and uncomplicated without compromising performance.


High ceilings and reflective surfaces create a reverberant space that can lead to intelligibility and clarity issues.

Instructors require high impact music to energize their classes.


Two FH1566 Full Range Coaxial Horn loudspeakers were hung from a truss at the front of the exercise room with the CS121 Subcardioid Subwoofer in the center. The low frequency extension and high output of the FH1566 paired with the CS121 provided the full range of sound and desired impact for the music accompanying the exercise classes.

The CS121 uses Fulcrum Acoustic’s exclusive Passive Cardioid Technology to reduce the low frequency radiation from the rear of the cabinet and minimize reflected energy. The broadband pattern control of the FH1566 directed sound to the people on the floor without energizing the full vertical expanse of the space. This tightly controlled sound maximized the music’s clarity and the instructor’s intelligbility.

Midtown desired an efficient, uncomplicated solution without compromising performance. Each FH15 requires only 1 amplifier channel and the CS121 achieves its cardioid pattern passively, without requiring additional amplifier channels or DSP, compared to an active cardioid solution. The result is a high fidelity system that meets the needs of the instructors and is appreciated by club members.

Project Details:

Space Details: 60′ wide x 40′ deep with sloping high ceiling

Fulcrum Products:

(2) FH15 – Full-Range Coaxial Horn

(1) CS121 21″ Subcardioid Subwoofer

Supporting Products: Symmetrix Jupiter DSP Amplifiers, Crown 4-Channel Amplifier

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