Addressing Power Needs

FOH Staff • News • July 5, 2006

CHESTER, PA–The dual-channel PA-2312 public address amplifier from Inter-M offers 120W RMS per channel and is outfitted with individual front panel gain controls and LED indicators displaying output levels of -40 dB, -10 dB, and clipping, as well as activation of onboard protective circuitry. Four-ohm, 70V, and 100V outputs are found at the rear panel, as are balanced XLR inputs, and a high-pass filter switch. A link connector at the inputs facilitates multiple amp operation, while a ground-lift switch offers users the opportunity to separate signal ground from chassis ground. Capable of being powered by 100-120V AC or 24V DC, the PA-2312 can be operated in virtually any portable PA system, or connected to an emergency power system. An automatically activated thermal safeguard is supported by an "idling" circuit protecting against thermal runaway; a two-speed fan enhances reliability further, switching to high-speed automatically when the amp is under heavy load.

For more info, visit www.inter-m.net.

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