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Wyclef Jean Appearance in India Relies on EAW Gear

FOH Staff • International News • February 6, 2009

PUNE, India — Wyclef Jean made an appearance on stage at the Venkestshawara Farm House in Pune, Maharashtra, Western India, where Mumbai-based Rich Audio had provided EAW’s KF760 Line Array Speaker Systems. “For FOH, we flew two KF760 line array modules, plus two KF761 line array modules per site with optimal angles of boxes,” said Lee Braganza, Rich Audio FOH and system engineer.

“The technical result was that the sound in the venue was perfect with no slap backs. To achieve this, we used two EAW UX8800 Digital Signal Processors with presets for different sound zones.” The EAW processors, along with amplifiers from Crown Audio, were completely networked to a wireless tablet Laptop, which was equipped with EAW’s Smaart Live to provide system correction according to venue and complete system management.

“Everyone who has heard the new system has offered fantastic reviews,” said Braganza. “The sound quality is unmistakably EAW, and Wyclef’s FOH engineer was amazed that so little needs to be done with the rig to attain a superior concert signature.”

The crew only had to put in a half hour’s work, which mostly entailed wrapping their minds around India’s first Soundcraft Si3 Digital Live Sound Console. In fact, the Si3 was directly transported to the venue without having even been switched on, as they received it only a day prior to the event.

Wyclef’s FOH engineer was surprised to watch Braganza figure out the console so quickly, and he was impressed enough with the way Rich Audio’s engineers executed everything  that he requested their services in Africa and for future events.

Richie Braganza, Rich Audio’s Founder, credited the new EAW and Sound Craft inventory for helping the company serve the needs of large-scale concert sound reinforcement. The new line array system and subwoofers have already been used for events in Nanded by Daler Mendhi and by an annual day event at Mumbai’s Dhirubhai Ambani International School.

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