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Waves Introduces H-Comp And H-Delay

FOH Staff • International News • April 14, 2009

TEL AVIV, Israel — Waves Audio, a provider of digital signal processing solutions, launched its Waves Hybrid line, a series of plug-ins for its console/processor models (SSL 4000 Collection, V-Series, The API Collection, The JJP Collection).

Saying the new plug-ins blend “yesterday's sound with today's technology,” the company claims that the Hybrid Line combines “the color and character of classic analog hardware processors with the features and flexibility of Waves digital plug-ins.”

The first two products in the Waves Hybrid Line are the H-Comp Hybrid Compressor and the H-Delay Hybrid Delay.

H-Comp Hybrid Compressor

H-Comp is a new dynamics processor that combines the modeled behavior of transformers, tubes, and transistors with the precision of plug-ins. Features include: Wet/Dry mix option for parallel compression; analog modeled release behavior; transient pass-through control; BPM sync release function; multiple analog character modes; output limiter/clipper modes; and external sidechain support.

H-Delay Hybrid Delay

From slap-back echo, ping-pong delay and tempo-sync with modulation to filtering, flanging, phasing and more, Waves Audio says that H-Delay “delivers real vintage as well as PCM42-style effects.” Features include: delay time of up to 3500 ms (TDM); variable pitch delay time behavior; multiple analog character modes; infinite feedback support; LFO-controlled pitch modulation; LoFi mode; and tap + BPM synchronization.

H-Comp and H-Delay are available native and TDM.

Waves Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Mercury V6 owners covered by the Waves Update Plan receive H-Comp and H-Delay at no additional charge. H-Comp retails for $200.00 Native, $400.00 TDM. H-Delay retails for $200.00 Native, $400.00 TDM.

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