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Rhino Sound Korea Working with HK Audio

FOH Staff • International News • February 19, 2009

ST. WENDEL, Germany — Rhino Sound, a relatively new Korean sound rental company, is serving as a demo partner for HK Audio after having crossed paths through a mutually beneficial coincidence. While little more than a year old, Rhino Sound’s two founders had each worked as sound engineers on a freelance basis. The new firm’s director, Sungwon Park, served monitor engineer for Korean standout Cho Young Phil.

As a result of earlier projects, the principals of Rhino Sound were already very familiar with Midi & Graphics, HK Audio’s Korean distribution partner. Midi & Graphics was searching at the time for a demo-partner for HK Audio Concert Sound systems, a rental company that could demonstrate Cohedra and ConTour Series systems for Midi & Graphics.

One conversation led to another, and toward the end of 2007 the crew from Rhino Sound paid a visit to HK Audio headquarters in St.Wendel, where they went through comprehensive product training and participated in thorough system tests. Rhino Sound then decided to work together with Midi & Graphics, and has been the HK Audio demo-partner in Korea ever since.

“We are very happy with HK Audio equipment,” said Park, speaking highly of “the naturalness of its sound” and its “value for the money. The huge success of the first few gigs that we’ve already had in the Korean market,” Park added, such as equipping the Cho Young Phil tour with ConTour Series monitors, or the GrandMint Festival and the gig with Lim Jae Bum in the Olympic Hall—“have confirmed for us that we made the right decision.”

For Cho Young Phil’s tour, Rhino Sound provided stage monitoring with over 30 ConTour Series CT 112, CT 115 and CT 108 cabinets. On Rhino Sound’s recommendation, the traveling company Total Korea also invested in their own ConTour Series monitors. Rhino Sound outfitted the concert of another Korean superstar, Lim Jae Bum, in the Olympic Hall in Seoul with HK Audio gear as well. Cohedra served as the main PA, ConTour Array as sidefills, and ConTour Series cabinets were used as the stage monitors.

At the GrandMint Festival, Rhino Sound deployed a Cohedra system with 20 CDR 208 mid/high units and 32 CDR 210 subwoofers for the Forest Garden Stage. At the Incheon Grand Park World City Festival, Rhino Sound also used a Cohedra system.

“With their wealth of experience, we are happy to have the Rhino Sound crew on board carrying out our professional product demonstrations and helping us boost HK Audio’s brand image throughout Korea,” said Kang Sun Mo, managing director of Midi & Graphics. 

The two crew members pictured here are Rhino Sound's Cohedra Operators, from left:
Chan-gyu Choi, chief sound engineer; and Su-beom Kwon, sound engineer.

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