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NEXO Opens New Manufacturing Facility in Paris

FOH Staff • International News • July 18, 2007

PARIS — NEXO has reversed the audio industry’s widespread trend for offshore manufacturing by opening a new purpose-built corporate headquarters in Plailly, just 15 km N.E. of the Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris. The new facility will house all the company’s management and manufacturing operations. 

For the last 27 years, NEXO has been located in a facility in nearby Roissy, a campus-style operation that was the result of two decades of expansion across a large section of a suburban North Paris industrial park. In 2004, plans were prepared for the construction of a new facility; construction began in late 2005

NEXO’s Plailly headquarters has taken its design criteria from industrial ergonomics, placing special emphasis on manufacturing process and quality control. NEXO founders Eric Vincenot and Micky Johnson have expressed total satisfaction with the new premises, and. Director General Denis Baudier says of the move, "This couldn’t have come at a better time.  With exceptional sales growth from the GEO D and S12 Series product launches during the last 18 months, we desperately needed increased production capacity."  Tri-directional expansion options are also integrated into NEXO's new HQ design, so continued growth can be easily implemented.

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