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DAS Audio Shines at Martial Arts Palace in Kazakhstan

FOH Staff • International News • February 28, 2021

DAS Audio Shines at Martial Arts Palace in KazakhstanNUR-SULTAN CITY, Kazakhstan — The young capital of Kazakhstan is one of the fastest growing cities in the country in the business, health, academic and cultural sectors.

This spectacular growth has sparked the appearance of unique and impressive sport infrastructures, being the Martial Arts Palace a clear example of the innovation that the Asian capital is carrying out in all its new construction projects. With a total of 32,000 square meters, the palace is designed to host all types of martial events, both national and international. Its main hall accommodates 5,000 seats and can be used for a variety of activities and events. The facilities are equipped with the latest cutting-edge security, data storage, video and audio systems, thanks to the excellent work conducted by Infoline LLP.

With over ten years of experience, it was clear to the company that DAS Audio would be the right partner for this kind of installation. The challenge was to get the right sound level in each and every area, especially in the main arena, where it was vital to guarantee that music and voice could be heard without any distortion, given the large size of the hall. This challenge would offer the audience an unparalleled experience, both at the main arena as well as in the other halls of the sports palace.

The all-DAS Audio system for the 5,000 seat venue included: 84 Event-210A in the Main Arena; five Factor-8T in the VIP Lounge; nine Factor-8T in the conference room. At the main arena, the distribution of the systems was strategically designed to achieve uniform SPL and tonal balance throughout the audience. Infoline LLP opted for 84 Event Series line arrays, in particular the Event-210A, a 3-way powered model that ensures high pressure and intelligibility in both voice messages and music reproduction, turning the main arena into a completely versatile space. The system’s ease of use and installation means that maintenance and adjustment do not require additional efforts to generate a spectacular experience.

Completing the rest of the installation, the Factor-8T system was presented as the ideal choice. This full-range loudspeaker houses an 8″ low frequency transducer with a 1.5″ voice coil. The high frequency unit is a 1″ soft dome ferrofluid cooled tweeter featuring wide dispersion characteristics to cover large areas and provide exceptional sound quality in any room.

BI Group, one of the largest construction companies in Kazakhstan in charge of all the building work, expressed their satisfaction and enthusiasm about the results achieved for Infoline LLP and the quality of the sound and customer service offered by DAS Audio. The DAS Audio systems were not the only ones present at the stadium; our engineers were also onsite during construction to make all the necessary adjustments before installing the system.

Kazakhstan’s Martial Arts Palace has become one of the best national and international venues to host sporting events of this kind. Let the show begin!

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