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Butlins Entertainment Venues Opt for Martin Audio

FOH Staff • International News • July 11, 2007

BIRMINGHAM, U.K. — Last year Butlins Holiday Resort in Minehead undertook a major sound and lighting refurbishment, with a view to rolling the model out at their other resorts in Skegness and Bognor Regis. This aim has now been realized, and the Birmingham-based Cloud One Group completed the new technology infrastructure at both sites this spring. Cloud One has equipped both Skyline Pavilions and REDS in Skegness and Bognor Regis and also supplied Butlins with 16  Martin Audio low-profile LE1500 monitors — which they will add to their existing stock of LE400 enclosures already in use throughout the various resorts. 

The pro audio specialists have enjoyed a close 15-year relationship with Butlins Resorts. During this time, Cloud One regularly specified Martin Audio sound reinforcement systems on their projects. In addition to the new W8LM Mini Line Array installations in Skegness and Bognor Regis, Cloud One also made some enhancements to the original W8LM installation in Minehead — initiated by Martin Audio’s Brad Watson and Butlins’ Technical Manager Dirk Peace.

Chief Sound Engineer, Steve Borthwick, and Dirk Peace, said, “We really liked the W8C system in our premium venue, and although we listened to other people’s kit, we wanted to maintain the reliability and sound quality of the W8C already in place.”
Brad Watson advised on a configuration that saw the Skyline Pavilion equipped with a stereo drop of three W8LM line array enclosures and a W8LMD downfill flown under a WMX sub on either side of the stage edge, with the bottom enclosure set around 2.5 meters above the stage top. Since the WMX has the same profile as the W8LM/D enclosures, these could be flown directly from a single flying grid.

To make the audio more directional in REDS, they used a W8LM (7.5° vertical) and W8LMD (20° vertical) on each of the four drops, which are flown around the Centre Stage and suspended from a special lightweight flying grid. While the W8LM’s fire into the raised area at the rear, the W8LMD’s provide coverage to the main floor area in front of the stage, and two W3 enclosures double as stage/side fills and peripheral coverage.

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