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Amate Audio Offers PDF Guide to Help Configure Horizontal Subwoofer Arrays

FOH Staff • International News • May 18, 2020

BARCELONA, Spain – Amate Audio announced the availability of a PDF that can serve as a guide to effectively configure horizontal subwoofer arrays.

More details from Amate Audio (

We recently hosted a distributors’ webinar on the subject of effectively configuring horizontal subwoofer arrays. As a subject often mistakenly thought of as impenetrably complex, almost requiring a masters in theoretical physics, it was an opportunity to demystify the subject and present practical and easy to comprehend solutions for setting up different performing arrays, whether comprising just three or up to 12 subwoofers.

We have produced an accompanying practical guide to these subwoofer array applications and their underlying sound engineering concepts; together with a straight talking explanation of acoustic principles and directivity characteristics – good and bad.

To download the PDF, go to


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