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Clark University’s Daniels Theater Equipped with Bose Panaray MSA12X System

FOH Staff • News • September 5, 2019

Integrated Multimedia Solutions installed the system within the 640-seat venue, with a sales-and-support assist from Professional Audio Associates, Inc.

WORCESTER, MA – Clark University, in Worcester, MA, dates back to 1887, and the university’s Daniels Theater recently saw the installation of a new Panaray MSA12X sound system from Bose Professional.

More details from Bose Professional (

Composed of three Bose Panaray MSA12X self-powered beam-steering line arrays on either side of the stage inside the 640-seat venue, the system addressed two challenges integrators face when putting modern sound into a building that literally dates back to the Victorian era: achieving complete sound coverage without disturbing the venue’s interior aesthetic, and doing so with minimal disruption of the building’s aging physical structure. The Bose Professional system, sold and supported by Woburn, MA-based Professional Audio Associates, Inc. and installed, integrated and commissioned by Bedford, MA-based Integrated Multimedia Solutions, elegantly and completely addressed all of those challenges.

Jim Cormier, Manager of Campus Media Services at Clark University, says keeping the historical architectural sensibilities of Daniels Theater intact was extremely important. However, he added, “It was also very important that coverage be as complete as it can be. The building has a balcony and seating underneath the balcony, and the old three-speaker sound system that had been in there for over 20 years just could not cut it.”

The team at Professional Audio Associates put their heads together with Dan Whelton and Bob Morin of Integrated Multimedia Solutions to try to figure out what the best solution for this project would be, and they all came to the same conclusion: the Bose MSA12X. That speaker is small and unobtrusive, so it solved the aesthetics concern; its digital beam steering meant they could control coverage precisely; and the fact that it’s Dante-enabled means that the end user could connect it to the mixer with a single strand of Cat-6 cable and didn’t have to run a lot of cables in an old building.

Integrated Multimedia Solutions installed the MSA12X beam-steering line arrays in a triple stack on either side of the stage. “In my experience, other sound systems would have had to use delay speakers to cover the balcony in addition to speakers to cover the main seating area on the floor,” explains Bob Morin, AV System Design & Sales at Integrated Multimedia Solutions. “The MSA12X’s Dante capability greatly simplified the cable run with just a single Cat-6 from the amps and DSP backstage to each of the speakers’ locations. The beam-steering technology meant we could cover both the balcony and the floor seating with no problem. So with a single system we were able to overcome the challenges of installing a new sound system in a very old space.”

Cormier says the Bose system did its job and then some. “I can stand in any part of the room, on the floor or in the balcony, and I cannot find a dead spot in it,” he says. “We have full coverage for every seat for the first time ever.”

And to top it off, adds Morin, the MSA12X loudspeakers sound great. “The school was very pleased with the outcome, and it makes the space even more attractive as a venue they can rent to outside users. Panaray MSA12X took a rather challenging older space and made it modern.”

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