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5 Words Media Revitalizes Summit Worship Center in Austin with RCF Sound

FOH Staff • News • June 15, 2021

AUSTIN, TX – In 2018, lead pastor Eric Moore and David Cherry of 5 Words Media were impressed when Brandon Bishop from Cowser Marketing brought in an RCF HDL rig for a demo within the new Summit Worship Center location, a 15,000-square-foot, 300-seat space. The wide, low-ceiling sanctuary is now equipped with an HDL system driven by an Allen & Heath dLive console.

More details from RCF (

When David Cherry of 5 Words Media was approached by the center’s Lead Pastor, Eric Moore, about an upgrade, the conversation began with addressing the current system that was underpowered. When the center moved into a new 15,000 sq ft space [about 300 seats] back in 2018, the old loudspeaker system was not cutting it.

“All the musicians who are members and perform at the church are touring professionals and deserve better sound,” said David Cherry, systems integrator and sales engineer at 5 Words Media. “The church has some major talent and has a powerful gospel feel, so they wanted a new system that would showcase that talent.”

The new Summit Worship Center is a wide room with low ceilings. The Pastor wanted to be mindful of sight lines to the stage from the outside seats, as well as accommodate the video projection and lighting system. “When the opportunity to demo a new sound system arose, we brought in Brandon Bishop from Cowser Marketing to bring in an RCF HDL rig—and it did not disappoint,” said Cherry. David and his crew set up two HDL 28-A active line arrays [2 x 3 modules] along with three SUB 9004-AS active subwoofers, two underneath the arrays and one positioned at center.

“Everything out of the box was easy to set up,” said Cherry. “With a few minor tweaks we had the system up and running in no time. We used RDNet software to fine tune the system inside an hour or so. I work exclusively with church installations and it was my first experience with RCF—it was nice to work so quickly.”

When the demo was underway, the difference in sound quality was enough to draw in church members and the lead Pastor. It didn’t take long at all to convince the church that what they were hearing was next level. It also didn’t take long to make a decision. “That’s what we want,” Moore said with a smile. The RCF system was then permanently installed coinciding with a console upgrade to an Allen & Heath dLive console.

RCF Product List:

  • [6] HDL 28-A Active Line Array Module [2 x 3]
  • [3] SUB 9004-AS Active Subwoofers
  • RDNET Networked Management Software

For more information, visit and

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