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  • Audio Perceptions

    FOH Staff | News | October 11, 2006
    SAN FRANCISCO‚ÄďAt the AES conference in San Francisco, AKG introduced the Perception 400, a new large-diaphragm condenser microphone. Read More...
  • Sound Folk In Deutschland

    FOH Staff | News | October 10, 2006
    VALENCIA, SPAIN- Frankfurt and Coburg were the German cities that hosted two DAS seminars focused mainly on the DAS Aero line array systems. Read More...
  • New Faces, New Places

    FOH Staff | News | October 10, 2006SAN FRANCISCO -- Eventide today announced the expansion of its operations teams; personnel changes include new hires and the promotion, earlier this year, of chief operating officer Jason Beck to the position of president. Read More...
  • Deeper Into DSM

    FOH Staff | News | October 10, 2006
    ST WENDEL, GERMANY--With the DSM 2060 Software "PodWare," HK Audio introduces the PC remote control for the DSM 2060 Controller. Read More...
  • We Who Provide Audio, Salute You

    FOH Staff | News | October 9, 2006
    ROME--Around half a million fans steamed to the Coliseum in Rome to enjoy the Telecomcerto concert featuring Billy Joel and Bryan Adams, sponsored by Telecom Progetto Italia and the City of Rome. Read More...
  • DB25 Analog, Digital And XLR Connectors Play Nice In New Stage Box

    FOH Staff | News | October 3, 2006
    SAN FRANCISCO--Wireworks has introduced a stage box that lets DB25 analog and digital connectors play nice with XLR connectors. Offering true AES/EBU 110Ω rugged jacked cable combined with Neutrik Black/Gold connectors, the versatile MMB8D is available in various gender combinations with either analog or digital wired DB25 connectors mounted on the rear, or with a 4ft. tail for in-rack direct connection. The MMB8D cabling system includes the unique MMB8D MiniStageBox and MMLD8D MiniLineBox, DB25 Trunks and the convenient MMBR Rack Adaptor for the MMB8D and MMLB8D boxes. Additionally, Wireworks offers a complete line of companion DB25 assemblies to facilitate installation. Read More...
  • Production Industry Pros Assist Habitat For Humanity In New Orleans "Musicians' Village"

    FOH Staff | News | October 3, 2006
    NEW ORLEANS--At Camp Hope in New Orleans, Habitat for Humanity volunteers assemble daily and then issue forth to help rebuild hopes and dreams shattered by 2005's "Katrina" flood disaster. Read More...
  • Judge Accepts Plea Deal in Rhode Island Fire

    FOH Staff | News | October 2, 2006WARWICK, RI--The New York Times has reported that a Rhode Island judge has accepted "no contest" pleas from the co-owners of the Station, a nightclub where 100 people died in a fire in 2003. The plea allowed one of the owners to avoid jail and left a number of the relatives of those who died in the fire in anguish over the agreement. Read More...
  • Crest Introduces CV-20

    FOH Staff | News | October 2, 2006
    MERIDIAN, MS -- The Crest Audio CV-20 live-sound mixing console is a VCA console designed for applications such as front-of-house, monitors and monitors from front-of-house. The CV-20 is available in 24, 32, 40, 48 and 56 mono input configurations with four-band sweepable EQ and fully parametric mid-frequency control on each mono input. A feature set of 12 aux sends, eight subgroup assignments and L/C/R panning to the Left/Right and Mono busses are included as well. Standard on all CV-20 frames are eight stereo input channels consisting of four microphone-line channels and four dual-line channels with the same full assignment capabilities as the mono input channels, plus eight VCA masters, 12 aux masters, eight subgroups and separate left/right/mono controls that can be "fader reversed" to allow fader control of the aux masters. Read More...
  • LDI Expands Production Audio Training

    FOH Staff | News | September 28, 2006NEW YORK--LDI 2006 has announced an expanded roster of audio training, demonstration and education programs for entertainment technology professionals. LDI 2006 will take place October 16-22, 2006 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Read More...
  • Group One Ships Two

    FOH Staff | News | September 27, 2006
    SAN FRANCISCO--Group One Ltd has announced it is shipping the new MC2 E4-75 power amplifier and XTA DP4 Series Audio Management Systems. Read More...
  • Kenyon College Thinks Big

    FOH Staff | News | September 27, 2006
    GAMBIER, OH--Kenyon College's new Athletic Center, designed by the esteemed Gund Partnership architectural firm of Cambridge, Mass., makes use of state-of-the-art media systems that have been designed to function under a wide range of scenarios, making creative use of several independent but interconnected DSP and control systems. As Brad Kestner, Operations Manager at Sound Com in Berea, Ohio explains, flexibility and performance were some of the highest priorities in designing the systems. "The building itself is nothing short of massive, but the design of the audio and video systems was actually fairly straightforward," he comments. The various areas of the complex were designed to function as discrete systems, though any or all of them can be tied together as needed. Read More...
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