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New Gear

  • Wireworks SPEN and SPE5 Loudspeaker Cords

    FOH Staff | New Gear | April 1, 2009
    Wireworks SPEN and SPE5 loudspeaker cables are designed specifically for use with Meyer Sound’s MM-4 and MM-4XP speakers respectively. SPEN cords can also be employed anytime small, secure speaker cords are required.
  • Ebtech XLR Rack Units

    FOH Staff | New Gear | March 24, 2009
    Ebtech, makers of audio solution devices for installers, contractors and musicians, have added two new products to their line of Audio Solutions: HE-8-XLR, pictured here, an eight channel Hum Eliminator™ in a single space rack format, and LLS-8-XLR, an eight channel Line Level Shifter® in a single space rack format. Both new units have a new reversible rack ear design. As with all Hum Eliminator™ and Live Level Shifter® products, each is passive, sonically transparent and road-ready with steel enclosures and all Ebtech® products come with a two-year warranty. Read More...
  • Production Intercom Blazon

    FOH Staff | New Gear | March 16, 2009
    One of PI’s most recognizable products in the market has always been the Blazon.  From its creation in 1986, it has undergone many changes.  The extrusion and lamp have been reduced to less than 25 percent of the original size, and it has gone from a plastic extrusion to a more rugged aluminum construction.

  • Sabine SWM6000 System

    FOH Staff | New Gear | March 16, 2009
    With the 700 mHz band largely off limits and 2.4 mHz more and more congested by Wi-Fi, at least a couple of manufacturers are looking to the all-but-forgotten 900 mHz range for some relief. The new DTV-free SWM6000 Smart Spectrum wireless microphone system from Sabine is one of those.

  • Shure SM27, SM137 Microphones

    FOH Staff | New Gear | March 12, 2009
    Shure has expanded its SM line of microphones with the SM27, which replaces the KSM27, and the SM137, which replaces the KSM109. The SM27 is a large-diaphragm, side-address cardioid condenser microphone with a one-inch Mylar diaphragm for transient response, low frequency reproduction and a low self-noise — just 9.5 dB SPL. The SM137 is a cardioid probe microphone for instrument recording applications.

  • Community MX41E Series Monitors

    FOH Staff | New Gear | March 10, 2009
    Community Professional Loudspeakers’ new MX41E series of stage monitors are compact two-way bass reflex floor monitors, available in 90-by-40-degree (MX41E-94) or 60-by-40-degree (MX41E-64) coverage patterns. The MX41E is voiced for live performance use, combining balanced, full-range musical performance with vocal range and focused coverage. Both models feature rotatable horns for narrower horizontal coverage. Angled backs allow the MX41E to be positioned at 30- or 45-degree angles. Other features include Community’s Ferrofluid-cooled LF driver technology, solid birch plywood construction, 16-gauge perforated, powder coated steel grille, steel handles, steel input panel with Passive/Bi-amp switch and Neutrik input connectors. MX41E monitors are also protected by Community’s PowerSense™ driver protection circuitry and come with a five-year warranty. Black and white finishes are available. Read More...
  • Earthworks FlexWand Series

    FOH Staff | New Gear | March 4, 2009
    The Earthworks FlexWand Series combine a 30kHz HD microphone, boom and stand as a single unit for choir or musical instruments. It allows the microphone head to be positioned as high as 7 feet and as low as 1.5 feet from the floor. There are no visible wires or cables above floor level. Instead of having to find a mic, attach the mic clip to the stand and then dress the cable around the stand, users can just pick up the FlexWand, position it and plug the mic cable into the base. Along with a large flex section near the center of the stand that couples the stand and the wand, there is a mini-gooseneck between the end of the wand and the microphone head.
  • Yamaha IMX644 Rack Mount Digital Mixer

    FOH Staff | New Gear | February 24, 2009
    Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems’ IMX644 rack mount digital mixer features six Euroblock mono inputs each with individual +48V phantom power, four RCA stereo inputs and an additional optical digital input. Outputs consist of two pair of stereo Euroblock connectors and two channels of mono outputs. The IMX644 is designed for compatibility with all 26 Installation Series loudspeakers. Advanced features can be accessed from a computer running IMX644 Manager Software via a USB connection. Software features include a feedback suppressor and automatic ducking on all mono inputs, six-band parametric EQ and digital delay and output balance on all outputs. Complete configurations can be saved to any one of 16 recalled scenes. GPI inputs and outputs are provided as well as an RS232-C remote connection, which allows remote control via third party systems such as AMX or Crestron. Available in March, the IMX644 rack mount mixer can be used for conference rooms, banquet halls, lounges and restaurants and has an MSRP of $2,099. Read More...
  • Winter NAMM 2009: Your Papers, Please

    FOH Staff | New Gear | February 12, 2009

    You know those old WWII movies where the hero is trying to make an escape from behind enemy lines, and some SS-type guys would always get on the train and walk down the aisle asking every one, “Your papers, please?” And then everyone would start digging for their official documents to prove they were not enemies of the state while our brave hero tried to figure a way out of the mess?

  • Audio Technica AM3 Ambient Mic

    FOH Staff | New Gear | February 9, 2009

    Sometimes it is the seemingly small things that can make or break a gig. Most of us would love to see our artists go to personal monitors instead of wedges just cuz it cleans up the stage sound and gives us a “blank-er” canvas on which to mix out front. But one of the big things that performers bitch about with personal monitors is the feeling of isolation. Enter the Audio Technica AM3: Ambient omnidirectional condenser lavalier microphone, terminated with a right-angle 3.5 mm connector. For use with A-T’s M2 and M3 Wireless System Receivers, you plug one of these puppies in, clip it to  your artist and dial in the amount of ambient sound it picks up and feeds into their ear mix. It offers high intelligibility and Includes both a clothing clip and windscreen. Look for a full review of the system in the next issue of FOH. $119.00 U.S. MSRP.

    For more information visit <a href=""></a>

  • Handheld Transmitter Now Part of Sennheiser Tourguide 2020 System

    FOH Staff | New Gear | February 9, 2009OLD LYME, CT—Sennheiser's Tourguide 2020, a digital, license-free wireless visitor information system now includes the wireless SKM 2020-D-US, a dynamic handheld microphone and transmitter with cardioid pick-up pattern for presenters to deliver information for guided tours, company presentations and language interpretation. It is designed to be used in a noisy, corporate environments, such as parks […] Read More...
  • d&b T-Series

    FOH Staff | New Gear | February 3, 2009
    The new d&b audiotechnik's T-Series is a small line array system that is also designed to work as a stand-alone point source system. The T10 cabinet (18.5” x 7.8” x 11.8”) is a passive 2-way design that houses two 6.5" drivers, a 1.4" exit HF compression driver and can be used either as a compact component in a multiple cabinet line array or, by rotating the horn as a high directivity point source loudspeaker. The HF driver is fitted to a waveguide horn producing vertical line source directivity with a 90° horizontal pattern that is maintained down to approximately 600 Hz. An acoustic lens placed in front of the horn widens horizontal dispersion to 105°; rotation of the horn by 90° relative to this produces an accurate point source dispersion transforming a vertically oriented T10 into a stand-alone full range loudspeaker with 90° horizontal and 35° vertical directivity pattern. The T-SUB shares the same width and integrated rigging fittings as the T10 for deployment either flown at the top of a T10 array, in a separate column or it can also be ground stacked. The T-Series is designed to match with d&b D6 and D12 dual channel amplifiers,
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