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New Gear

  • Audix MicroBooms with 50-inch and 84-inch Reach

    FOH Staff | New Gear | August 28, 2009Audix Microphones has updated the MicroBoom Series to include two models: MicroBoom 50, with a 50-inch boom arm, and the MicroBoom 84, with an 84-inch boom arm, helpful for reaching the back row of a choir. Read More...
  • Heil PR 48 Mic for Kick Drums

    FOH Staff | New Gear | August 24, 2009
    Heil Sound’s PR 48 large diaphragm dynamic microphone designed for kick drum use has a 1.5-inch diameter element and is mounted in a vulcanized double shock mount, which offers complete isolation within a rugged cast metal housing.
  • Mackie TH-15A Powered Loudspeaker

    FOH Staff | New Gear | August 18, 2009
    Mackie’s TH-15A 2-Way Powered Loudspeaker delivers 400 Watts of system power in a design weighing in at 36lbs (16.3kg). Designed by the same team that created the Mackie SRMv2 Series, the TH-15A is touted for its power, portability and performance  in a compact PA solution.
  • IRIS-Net V2.1.1 from Bosch

    FOH Staff | New Gear | August 10, 2009
    Bosch’s Communications Systems Division announced the release of IRIS-Net V2.1.1 software. IRIS-Net V2.1.1, with new features developed for both live audio and installation markets.
  • Bartlett Microphones Offers TM-125C with Attached Cable

    FOH Staff | New Gear | August 6, 2009
    Bartlett TM-125C
    ELKHART, IN — In response to requests by sound contractors and sound designers, Bartlett Microphones has updated their recently-introduced model TM-125C stage-floor microphone for area pickup of actors and dancers in drama or musicals with a 6-foot permanently attached cable, to prevent connector damage if an actor steps on the cable. Read More...
  • Hosa Technology SKO-200 Series Speaker Cables

    FOH Staff | New Gear | August 5, 2009
    Hosa Technology SKO-200 speaker cables
    Hosa Technology’s SKO-200 Series speaker cables, designed for bi-amping and high-current applications, consist of four 12 AWG oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors. They are cut to 3-, 5-, 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, 30-, 50, 75-, and 100-foot lengths and are available in all standard terminations, including 4-pole Neutrik Speakon, dual quarter-inch TS (mono phone plugs), and quad banana.
  • Meyer Sound JM-1P Arrayable Loudspeaker

    FOH Staff | New Gear | August 4, 2009
    Meyer Sound’s JM-1P arrayable loudspeaker, a self-powered high-Q system, is designed to be used in tight-packed clusters where horizontal coverage must be predictably scaled to exacting requirements. With a 20-degree horizontal by 60-degree vertical pattern, the JM-1P promises controlled coverage with minimal reverberation in large or reflective acoustical environments. Read More...
  • Proel Active Edge Systems

    FOH Staff | New Gear | August 3, 2009
    Proel said that its new Edge series models, including two medium-sized speaker systems (C12A and C15A) and two stage monitors (12CXA and 15CXA), feature a PWM switching amplifier (Class D) which can supply over 2000W of continuous power. All are equipped with built-in amplification, processing circuitry and excursion control, implemented through analog technology.
  • d&b Ti-Series

    FOH Staff | New Gear | August 3, 2009
    Following the launch of the T-Series loudspeaker range earlier this year, d&b audiotechnik now offers the new Ti-Series — loudspeaker systems and hardware fittings for fixed installation use. Read More...
  • EAW DX1208 DSP Matrix Mixer

    FOH Staff | New Gear | August 3, 2009
    EAW is now shipping the DX1208 DSP Matrix Mixer. Introduced at InfoComm 09, the DX1208 is a 12-input, 8-output 1U-rackspace DSP matrix mixer.
  • Wireless Version of Sennheiser evolution e 965 Microphone

    FOH Staff | New Gear | August 3, 2009
    The evolution e 965, Sennheiser’s large-diaphragm condenser microphone, is now available as a wireless version. The MMK 965-1 microphone capsule attaches to both Sennheiser’s 2000 Series and evolution wireless G3 wireless series SKM handheld transmitters, letting users of both series benefit from the dual-diaphragm of Sennheiser’s e 965 microphone. Sennheiser’s ew 500-965 G3 system, which is part of the evolution wireless G3 series, is based around the MMK 965-1 and ships with the EM 500 G3 receiver, a GA 3 rack-mount kit and the SKM 500 G3 transmitter with the MMK 965-1 capsule. Read More...
  • VMB Rainbow Electro-Acoustical Prediction Software

    FOH Staff | New Gear | August 3, 2009
    VMB Rainbow electro-acoustical prediction software for the company’s speaker systems features horizontal as well as vertical modeling. The Windows-based software allows simulation of complete systems, such as a main large format array complemented by a smaller delayed array and front-fills.
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